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What would this Buck score

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by flathunter, Dec 25, 2002.

  1. I was fishing along paint creek in sept of 2002, I had the uncanny feeling of being watched..That is when I spoted this nice buck laying in a depression..I took a quick pic, any idea of what it migh score???

  2. ? What deer?

  3. Hi Jack,

    It's really difficult to tell from just one angle.

    It looks like a 8 point with a 15-16" inside spread but with really nice high rack with nice long G1 and G2 points. The short brow tines and what appears to be just average mass would make me believe this is a a younger deer but who knows for sure. I would guess somewhere between 125 and 145. Without knowing the size of the deer relative to it's antler size it's just a guess. I do however believe it's in that ball park.

    I have been pretty succesfull over the years of estimating the score range on the deer that we've shot down in Athens before we shoot them, but I normally get to watch them for long periods of time, from all angles, on numerous occasions, before we shoot them. That makes the guessing at least an educated guess.

    In any event that's a very nice buck. Was he laying down?

  4. Thanks Kim!..Yes the deer was laying down.
  5. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Jack, sorry about the pic. I had moved it to the proper category.
  6. My guess would be around the low 130's.Very nice high racked buck and if he makes it should really be nice next year.Dave
  7. I couldnt even guess what to score the buck.

    Where abouts at Paint Creek was ya? How close to the park's campground? Just curious because I saw one buck hanging there during gun season that had a really wide rack but the tines were short.
  8. This pic was taken miles downsteam from the park.
  9. I couldn't guess ...but it would look good on my wall though.:D
  10. I couldn't guess the score of that beautiful buck either! I would say if I saw it while on stand, it would score me a heart attack first and then the jitters second.

    Seriously just for fun, I would pic score it in the .... 145 ish range?????

    I don't know ...... CRIPES! Nice picture though.

  11. i think around 120's But real nice high rack!!