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What time of year,Which month

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowfishing' started by Caribou Dreamer2, Jan 14, 2003.

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  1. Ok guys i'm getting the itch to go,What is the earliest you all have seen fish.The end of march beginning of april here anybody seen anything earlier.Is everybody getting ready to hit the waters.
  2. That's when I go out looking for them. I check all the swallow lakes first then work toward the rivers.;)

    When I'm getting ready to go out and look around we can hook up and go out together.;)
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  3. I really can't get that excited about going right now. Maybe it's because I'm looking out my window at a frozen lake as I am typing this. It's kind of hard to shoot thru ice!
  4. I know what you mean. but talking about it and checking equipment and thinking about a game plan will get you going. Knowing it won't be long.;)
  5. if you have lights on your boat you can shoot fish as soon as the ice comes will be hands down the best shooting of the year.the water will be crystal clear and the fish are real slugish.i have been out in january shooting hundreds of fish in a matter of a few hours when the lakes have not froze over.if we had not gotten this last cold spell my partner and i were going to try and go .
  6. Sound great deperado,I have not got lights on the boat yet but working on it,Might have to give it a try earlier than march thanks for the advise ohio guy
  7. If you check your local rivers you can usually find fish now...I know places down here that I could shoot fish now if I was brave enough......Normally i'll start stickin em the middle to end of Feb.

  8. You guys having a date?????:D :D :D ;)
  9. i was out working today and stopped at one of my honey holes.well the whole lake is frozen and there is a warm water discharge where the fish stack up.there were thousands of giant shad ( in the 2 to 3 pound range) and quite a few schools of decent sized carp. i am going to hit it tommorrow! shoot a few in the morning until it gets too cold.
  10. Sure Jack, to check out bowfishing water. Your just upset you weren't invited.LOL:D

    Tracy, I'm looking around now to get a generator, so i can see at night. Going to build a deck on the front that I can remove when I'm done bowfishing. Try to go with some 350 watt lights.;)
  11. hey clarence you should be where i am going to shoot tommorrow!!!!!! drive on up and we can shoot a ton of fish by 8 or 9 am
  12. alum creek in columbus is usually crystal clear all year/shallow and you can shoot carp any day out of the where camo and stalk the fish because they spook easy.lot of shooting,i have taken up to three fish with a single shot several times when they were stacked is not real challenging so it might not be for everyone.
  13. George, I drive over Alum Creek, the creek at least twice a day. That creek is almost never clear. What part of the creek are you talking about? The part that I drive over is downstream from the dam a couple of miles. I have bowfished in the creek a good bit too. It is not one of my favorite places to bowfish. Although, there use to be a good sucker run, up around Kilborne in the early spring.
  14. the section from morse road to 161.i it was very clear about everytime i went there.yes it floods now and then but the water comes up fast and falls fast .i am talking from actual bowfishing experience here and it was fantastic as far as action.i don't know about legality but i lived on it for two years and bowfished it many a day. you can take that as fact.i'm just letting others know its there.the fish are shootable all year and i have shot them during winter.and the nice thing about it is there are people in columbus who will eat the fish.otherwise i won't shoot them.thats just my ethics but i'm not putting down others.
  15. Still have ice on the lake up here but still waiting and i'm ready just waiting for it to warm up alittle.

    Is everybody else getting ready
  16. Don't forget we need to stick some pigs this year desperado!
  17. I didn't forget. We will go out and stick a few. I'm looking around now for a generator for my boat so I can go out at night and bowfish.;)
  18. Who's geting ready to go after some carp i've been ready come on spring time we need some warm weather to melt this ice off then i'm going to hit a water plant discharge that i know of to see if anything is stirring.
  19. wheres that at, is it one of your secret spots.let us know if you do any good
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