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What one do you think is best?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Sling One, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. I can't decided what to shoot. rage or grim reapers? What's everyone input pros and cons. Thanks
  2. Both are a good head... With that said ask Ur wife LOL and on another note get some swhackers

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  3. Reaper, pass through at 40 yards and cut the heart in half, he went about... 1 yard, with a pic to show... [​IMG]
  4. Swhackers buddy. Indestructible head and blades. Others have flaws I don't want to depend on. Watch the videos on YouTube.

  5. Dam straight got my buy one get one free!!!
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  6. Ive never shot them so i dont know for sure but just from looking at the pictures it doesnt look like the swhackers are competely open until it is completely inside the deer....and I dont like that idea. that says to me that if you dont get a pass through your screwed. I use rage. Big entry hole, huge exit hole, and a blood trail that will blow your mind.
  7. i switched to reapers last year and ill never shoot another broadhead. killed 3 deer. i had a deflection from limb and gut shot my buck and he died within hours that night. it just does so much damage. here are some pics.

    this first pic is of a young doe i shot. pretty steep angle. i hit her right under the spin and is exited right behind leg. found a chunk of lung size of a childs fist when i was trailing her which she only went 50 yards.

    the video is of a big ole swamp donkey doe. shot her at 35 yards hit high lungs and exited but no pass through. video of some of the blood trail. little shakey. did with my phone lol

    [ame=""]VIDEO0017.mp4 video by Synergy_23 - Photobucket[/ame]
  8. The swhackers have two cutting blades that make the initial cut. Then the blades deploy just inside the cavity with the huge 2.25" of fresh blades. Simple yet deadly design.
  9. I killed 4 deer with Rage 2 blades last season, bringing my total to ten with Rage. wouldnt shoot anything else. Furthest I have had one go is 80 yards. People dog them but a lot of their problems are self caused like shoving them into a foam filled quiver and nicking the hell out of the o rings then wondering why the blades wont stay closed??? They are an awesome broadhead and have served me well.
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  10. My style of hunting is why I don't like them. Not pushing them in the foam. When I am in a tree I like cover I may have a few branches that are close. If I bump or the head gets caught on a limb I have to check the head to make sure that the blade is still attached. This is something that I can't stand. If I am walking or stalking (conditions permiting) and the head gets caught on a limb I have to check the head This is why I don't like them..

    I do understand what you are talking about when shoving them in the foam. They are not for everyone. They do kill well if you can get past my above statements. I am glad they have worked for you.

    I really does not matter what you shoot as long as your arrow fly's well and you hit the right spot... With that being said I recomend everyone shoot a 3-d shoot or two to help with yardage and that eveyone shoot's a few arrows out of a tree before the season starts.. Clinton co. Has a shoot I think this weekend. Golden hawk has several shoots in september as does Eastern hills. These are in SW Ohio.. FYI

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  11. I agree Wildman. If I was gonna stalk I would probably use a fixed blade head. I killed a lot of deer with Thunderheads and would probably use them again. I have heard people say they have shot a deer with Rage and the blades didnt deploy. Dont see how this could happen. They work well for my style of hunting. Any of them will kill quickly if you put it in the boiler room.
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  12. Shoot Reapers kill deer. End of story.
    Actually, to be perfectly honest, it really doesnt matter which broadhead you use. Fixed, mechanical, Rage, Reaper, Schwacker, ect......what does matter is how comfortable and confident you are about your shot placement with whatever particular broad head you may be running. I run Reapers and love them. It's a personal choice. You put any broadhead through a couple lungs and the dead deer won't care who made it.

  13. Good point.

  14. Great info everyone. I guess it is one of them deals where I have to shoot to find out my own opinion. I Did shoot spitfire about 5 or so years ago and had a bad experience with them.. but Did kill the deer. Although that was before they got all technical with them nowadays.. I have shot Muzzy eversence..always have no problem with them. Just wanted to try and go back to mechanical blades. I like the accuracy and the cutting diameter. With that said I still don't know !

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