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What length rod do you use?

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by Flatheadmaniac, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. Short 7ft and under rods

    4 vote(s)
  2. 7.5 - 8ft rods

    9 vote(s)
  3. 9 - 10ft rods

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  4. 11ft and longer surf rods

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  1. You can choose two kinds!

    I use on local rivers 8ft one pcs. rods(St. Croix Classic Cats rated for 60lb line and 8oz. & Ugly Stik boat rods rated for 80 lb test and 12oz.)
    On big rivers where i want to cast distance i use 11ft and longer rods, mostly St. Croix surf rods, but also Daiwa & Off Shore Angler ones too.
  2. I have a pair of Quamtum Big Cat Rods rated for 60lb line and 8oz. with Abu Garica 6500's on them. Just love them.:D ;)

  3. Seven feet to eight feet. Caught the big one on a 7' St Croix musky rod. They are under rated.. it says 3 oz, but easily throws 5 oz + the bait.
  4. I like my ugly stick but when I want a real challange I use my Zebco pack rod and 4 pound test line. :rolleyes: ( Well, fishermen are supposed to lie aren't they?) :D

  5. Jim

    Thats why i love those St. Croix rods so much...they rate them can cast way more oz than they rate them plus run heavier line too than rated.
    Yup those Musky Bucktail rods they make are bad butt, my buddy uses the same one you have for cats. I like st. croix's rods because they put a longer handle on them compared to other brands(check you classic cat up against your e-cat & big cat rods..they have much shorter handles) Plus thier rods are so much lighter and stronger than the other brands..worth the price to me..i have several of the 8 fters.
  6. Rods......

    Here's my set up, the 2 on the left are Big Cats, the next one is the Classic Cat 8' & the far right is a 7' Musky rod. The reels are all CT700's I have 2 7000C4's and will put one of the CT700 on the musky rod I have on that one-maybe....:rolleyes: Then again, I might just email my st croix connection & see what he can do for me. Oh.....that's my "lucky" rod there on the right , with the green line !!
  7. 9 ' micro action with a light reel filled with 100yds. 50-60# fireline or spider wire.I use bobbers with this(lit at nite} set up. i do use the older type river reels with heavy action rods and a garcia 6500c with a 9' cat rod for bottom fishing but very easily prefer catching them on the micro.