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What is your preference?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Nut, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. to hunt deer with in Ohio?

    shotgun,handgun,muzzleloader,traditional archery,compound bow,crossbow or your vehicle(that is a joke now LOL)

    My goal is to get a deer in Ohio with each of them. However I am getting into using my compound bow more so I would say that.
  2. I Love using my Horton crossbow......Thats the only weapon i use..:)

  3. I enjoy hunting with my Browning recurve, but I have had more success with my mdl 12. :rolleyes:
  4. I prefer to use my compound for hunting everything.
  5. PSE compound, then my Winchester shotgun, and lastly my TC Hawken.
  6. I prefer my Remington 870 Wingmaster with slug barrel first my Thomposn Center Hawkins .50 Cal 2nd I don't bow hunt yet cause I'm not that great with my bow, and want to get a nice clean kill. I just don't feel comfortable yet with my bow. Practice Practice Practice
  7. My choice

    I would have to say I got my 1st deer this year. It was with my Horton Legend bow. That would be my 1st choice right now. All of my deer besides the one have came from my 870 Wingmaster. Mal I have to say those are one heck of a gun :) Looking forward to using my compound when Im good enough with it and getting a muzzleloader.
  8. I hunt with a muzzleloader during the deer gun season. I gave up the shotgun many years ago. I also hunt alot with bow.

  9. 1st. choice would be my Bowtech compound bow.2nd. would be my Knight 50 cal. muzzleloader.
  10. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod


    My compound is my favorite but haven't had the time to do it the past few years. That leaves me to my CVA Hawken .50 cal as my next favorite. I'd much rather use it than my 12 gauge.
  11. I like to use my crossbow.
  12. My favorite weapon for deer in Ohio is my muzzleloaders. Like eschatts, I don't care to take a deer with a shotgun anymore. In the past 7 years during the regular gun season I have taken 6 bucks and 1 coyote With my 50 caliber. Larry
  13. I used to use a compound, but found that with arthritis in my shoulder that it was getting to difficult to pull. A sign of old age.

  14. Hoyt Magnatek, then CVA Hunter Mag 50 cal inline
  15. Bow and a Razor sharp broad head screwed into the end of a XX78 arrow
  16. i use a crossbow during the fall and i'd have to say that i enjoy that season the most even though i've taken more deer during the gun seasons.
    over the years i've learned more about deer during bow season than any other time.i like the quietness of it too!
    it's the best way i've found to re-charge my mind and forget all of lifes everyday b.s. for a while.
  17. when it comes to deer in ohio,i wouldnt have it any other way with my compound bow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. My Hoyt bow followed by my sweet benelli shotgun, and I hope to have new TC Omega.50 after muzzle loader season to use durring deer slug and ML season.
  19. Martin Bow here...can actually say that I have only taken one deer with anything rather than a compund, and that was about 35 deer ago and atleast 18 years back. Was a doe with a shotgun back when the "earth was still flat".