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What is the best

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. all around fishing lake in Ohio? I'm thinking that Alum is pretty tough to beat, what about you guys?
  2. It's a great lake. I haven't fished it enough to say it's the best lake. I just like all of them. If I catch fish , it's a great lake.;)

  3. Ohio's Best Fishin' Lake would be ...

    ~ The Big Pond "Erie", followed by Alum Creek Res/Columbus from all the reports that I follow;)

    BottomBouncer .. with are your Qs, where do you live in Ohio??
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2003
  4. Reynoldsburg. I mainly fish Alum simply because I have yet to have a bad day on the water.
  5. BB.....What's the HP limit on Alum? Heard a lot about it but never been there. Is it good in the Spring? .....TF
  6. BottomBouncer

    how long you been around reynoldsburg?
  7. The hp limit on Alum is 1,000,000,000,

    Rick.....since August. Remember when we went up to hoover early last year.....when it was snowing? You had recently bought that neat little minnow container. We still need to get to Buckeye for some wipes!
  8. I dont fish lakes but from what I have heard Piedmont is also a very good lake for many species.
  9. I have never fished Alum or Lake Erie, though I've tried to get up to Lake Erie. My favorite place to fish is the Mohican River. Nothing beats catching your own bait, sitting on the sandy bottom, cool water belly-button high, and fishing pole in hand while the minnow under the bobber floats on down. Then reel in and fish again without getting up all with one of your best friends.

    I like Piedmont, its pretty nice as far as lakes go.
  10. Piedmont is definately one of my favorites, just with there were not hp limits:(
  11. Lake Milton by far simply has a better fish population after the corp of eng took the lake level down to repair the dam then the re-stocking by the DNR and you basically have a new lake (new lakes have always out produced older lakes) with the same old structure and many many more fish :D
    Ceasar Creek was like that and at onbe time was Ohio's best inland res... ;)
  12. BB

    just figured out who you were:rolleyes: guess my mind is getting slower:eek: :rolleyes: looks like we all need an identity change now and then:D ;) we can do the wiper thing in your boat and piedmont in mine,since you're not motored for it:cool: how's that for a trade a trip?
  13. Sounds great to me! I'll have to take you on my TOP SECRET holes at Alum. I must know how to read the bank really well, I have yet to pull into my area, right off the main lake, and find someone anchored over my spot.

    Here's a hot August day's catch last summer:

    28 crappie
    1 hand size bluegill(caught while trolling over the hole)
    5 smallie from 10" to 14"
    1 20"+ channel cat

    All from the same hole, only the bluegill was caught while not anchored.

    I've trolled along the main lake in the no wake zone and caught lm's, crappie and eyes along the same 20 yard stretch. Find back in a brushy cove and pulled dozens of crappie with a buddy from work, had to trailer and get more bait. Came back before dark and go into the channel cats. He caught a 14" crappie while we were trolling back in another cove.
  14. I'd just thought I'd through up some other good lakes. Clear fork. I've had some very nice bass fishing there, and seen some big muskies taken. Not to mention it's a beautiful lake. Deer creek lake has it's moments, as well as dillon and buck creek. Alum is up there, but there's soooo many people on it. I've also heard good things about Leesville, piedmont, grand lake st mary's. Nothing beats lake erie. And for being the little scum pond it is, buckeye has decent fishing. I must say that I prefer streams, creeks and rivers almost all the time to lakes.

    Another note is how bad Hargast lake has become. My dad used to take me to hargast when I was young. Lots of good sized bass, crappie, and almost always hooked a muskie while bass fishing. Now it stinks. I know they drained it a few years back. The management since then hasn't been very good.
  15. Deer creek has seen better days..............every now and then you'll hear of something large being caught there. I've only fished the tailwaters, which was okay. What is the lake like as far as structure, clarity, depth, etc.?
  16. Alum is good for shore fishermen such as myself but most of my fishing is done wading. The Olentangy, Scioto, and the Big Darby are my primary areas.
  17. I like wading the Scioto...........places close to home like Griggs and Greenlawn tailwaters still produce. I've had great days below Greenlawn, catching just about everything on artificial.
  18. I think deer creek has way to many catch and keep anglers, along with it being close to Columbus and gets hit hard.
  19. My choices are a bit different as my boat choices are restricted to canoe, kayak or floattube. Best tubing lakes for greenies have got to be in Ohio Power. Have witnessed many 5+ lbers coming from those little beaver ponds. I was lucky enough to get invited to fish The Wilds ponds last year. The Columbus Zoo now owns The Wilds and I do some business with the Zoo so I leveraged an invite. HOLY ****! I am by no means an accomplished largemouth guy, but between three of us, we released over two dozen 4+ lbers and three fish went over 7lbs!! 3 lbers were a dime a dozen. I've never expeienced anything like it in Ohio. Hope to get an invite again this spring.
    Closer to home, the Scioto has been good to me,too, but God help a guy who tries to eat anything out of her.
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