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What in the world?!?

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by Kyle13, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Screenshot_2018-01-12-18-30-22.png
    Cold steel made a polymer broadhead! they are claiming its better than steel.
  2. I have seen these advertised, they sure do look like a cheap shot to me. I will stay with Muzzy & Bolt Cutters. I think a lot of guys would have trouble with them planning, but maybe not. I'm still not interested even if they were FREE! Just my taste I guess. Good luck hunting and be safe.
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  3. They ain't Zwickey's
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  4. Think I'll stick with the Slick Trick and Thunderheads .
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  5. Those look like we r going for.moby Dick !!!!!! The great white whale!!!!!!!!!!!!!he's big...
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  6. I have never had thunder heads let me down, I will get the 3 blade muzzys if I can't find thunder heads.
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  7. I always return to Zwickey for trad and Muzzy for crossbow. I kick myself when I stray from the tried and true.
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    i will stick with Zwickey! wonder if they get brittle in zero degree weather.

    Low Temperature Properties of Polymers
    Most plastics at room temperature show their familiar properties of flexibility (a low Young’s modulus) and high resistance to cracking but when the temperature decreases this can change rapidly and many common plastics become brittle with low failure stresses.
    Low temperatures can be more harmful to plastics than high temperatures. Catastrophic failures can occur if materials selection does not take account of the low temperature properties of plastics
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  9. I don't see how they are not more brittle than metal no matter what. I have had thunder heads blow through shoulders, I can't see these doing that. The only benefit I can see is no rust but I have never had a head rust on me to start with.
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  10. There are some video on youtube about them . One guy puts them down pretty bad for breaking . They cost about a dollar and you get what you pay for .
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  11. Most of, or at least many of your new broadheads are made with stainless steel, and aren't likely to rust. The old Wasp cam-loc 3s carbon blades would rust some, but I would clean them and use them. I have killed up to three deer with the same cam- loc 3 tip in one year. Wish they still made them. They always flew true for me, and zipped right through a deer. They where hard on my fingers until I started using the tip of one of the other tips to spine the little wire rings around with. Good luck hunting and be safe.
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  12. I have been wanting to look for a video on them on youtube. Knew that would be the case, you saved me 5 or 10 mins of wasted time. Thanks catchdog!
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  13. Catchdog you cant go wrong with Thunderheads.been shooting them since 1992 never had any kind of failure
  14. 56 said he had a blade break off once . They have been good to me . Never had one break and I have hit some hard bone but the broadhead still had all 3 blades . And wildmann said he hit a sapling with a slick trick and the blades broke and feel out . I have never had a problem with them . I like the way muzzy's lock there blades in . But the Thunderheads and slick tricks have the same POA as my field points and the muzzy is a bit off .
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