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What gun do you use?

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. What brand and model gun do you guys use for turkey? 10 or 12 gauge?

    I was checking out the NWTF model that Browning makes. It's pretty nice, comes in 10.
  2. I have a Mossberg 9200 Autoloader 12 ga. with a ribbed barrel and I put a H.S. Strut Undertaker choke tube in the barrel. Along with Tru-glow sights on the rib on the barrel. Later this month I'm going to have the force cone lenthened in the barrel ,so i have less deformed pellets and a better pattern down range.;)

    I also have a rifled barrel for it I use during deer season, along with a saddle mount and a Tasco Bantum 2.5 X 20 scope. With that scope mount I can still use the iron sights if I need to.;)

  3. Mossberg835 12 gauge with black matte finish and 28" barrel(also my waterfowl gun) I use tru-glu fibre optics for spring turkey.
  4. I use my baretta 390 (12 guage) but I also can't stress enough how good that undertaker choke tube is. Combined with winchester amunition I took a nice long beard two years ago from 45 yards.
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  5. Winchester 1300 Turkey Special, 12 ga. extra full screw in choke with Winchester Supreme 5 shot 3 inch magnums. Nickname: Ole Painless;)
  6. Lance

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    pump gun

    Mossberg model 500 12 ga. 28" vent rib with a Hastings choke tube and screw on rifle sights. Zip on camo for the stock and camo tape the barrel and receiver. Someday I'd like to get a semi auto with a shorter and the camo finish but it will be a while.
  7. Scott, I use Winchester Supreme Ammo. It's in the black boxes. It's the 2 3/4 turkey magnums with #6 shot. Great pattern out to 35 yards with the Undertaker Choke Tube. I only pattern out that far.;)
  8. those are the ones, after that winchester is all i use. took a 7 point from 150yards with winchester partition golds fired out of my Browning gold dear edition(a.k.a the killing machine) this year.:D
  9. Winchester 1300, 12 gauge 3" magnum. I love this gun!! The fact the the reciever comes already drilled and tapped for scope mounting was another plus!! Mine is 11 years old now, it was their NWTF edition with the laminated stock and engraving on both sides of the reciever with turkey scenes by Rob keck. I had some barrel work done to it over the years to tweak it a bit. Here is a picture of that gun. ;)

  10. Nice!

    I use a Remington Magnum with 3" shells and a turkey choke.
  11. I use two and remember I own a guide service thus have seen them all....
    both are mossbergs 500 & 835
    12 ga
    winchester # 5's from the 500 and 6's outta the 835

    I prefer the 2 bead system over a scope because of the need for follow up shots with todays very tight shooting chokes. So tight its hard to get a feel for a good pattern from 15 yards to 40 :( you will be high at one and low at the other ...
  12. Mossbergs seem pretty popular. Why is that?
  13. That's one of the benefit's of using a scope with today's new turkey loads and tight chokes. If you don't have your face down tight against your stock, with open bead sites, it's a miss waiting to happen. I have yet to see a shotgun shoot right to the point of aim. They all are either high, low, left, or right of dead center!! By scoping your gun, you can dial in the crosshairs right to the very center of your pattern!! Sorry, but I differ with your opinion atrkyhntr. I have never wished that my gun was scopeless after installing it!! Another thing is the much better sight picture as well. I guess we all have our likes and dislikes, but given a choice, a scoped turkey gun is the way to go.;)
  14. Hey Paul,
    Clyde here ;) LOL
    If I can set it up for you ( will know in week or two send me dates you are wanting ASAP ) to come here to Ohio I'll show you 4-5 guns that shoot straight patterns right out of the box ;)
    Most shooters get a little shy about pulling the trigger after several shots thus tossing a pattern left/right or high/low... but on occasion a gun will pattern off center thats a fact but most do not... I'll also show you the diff in your pattern at various yards ;) bring some extra ammo buddy :D
  15. Clyde, you son of a gun you!! I should of known it was you!! LOL!! OK, chuck and I still want to come down!! E-mail me and I will let you know asap!! Even if chuck bows out for some reason, I'm still comming!! You got me!!:p
  16. quality guns

    I prefer beretta or benelli semi auto,s myself. IMO they are way better than competition on the market.
  17. Depends on what type of hunting you do! I used to pack a 10ga double that was extremely heavy and so are the new auto's. Gave it up for the much lighter 12ga-1300 Win, a good gun for the price. Also carry a Beretta auto that is light. Finally found a full choke barrel for it in 3" mag after alot of searching. The steep hills and hollows of East Oh. don't mix well with the bigger, heavier guns and the lighter 12's are the way to go!........TF
  18. Great Bird Maytom!!;)

    I'm going to have to give a scope a try on my turkey gun and see how it will work out. I'll let you know.;)
  19. Desperado, at 48 my eyes aint what they were when I was 18, so the scope works better for me for that reason as well.:p