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What else needs to be done?

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by Wildman18, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. I have to target shoot with broad heads and hang one more stand. I also have to wash and hang my cloths in the barn. What else needs to get done for the rest of you? Did I forget anything? Have you forgoten anything?
  2. I have smoked up clothes( will smoke again before Saturday)
    smoked up boots
    shot BH looks good
    Can not find grunt and Snort wheeze, looks like I need to buy a new one:mischeif:
    alot of time for that, dont use calls until mid October.
    Stands and Blind up for a month.
    Throw and Grow looks good around stand, up about 3 inches.
    Have several Bucks on Cam eating Throw and Grow. :bouncy:

    I AM READY AND EXCITED:bouncy::bouncy::bouncy::bouncy::bouncy::bouncy::bouncy:

  3. Do you have everything you need to field dress?

    I just packed up my field dressing bag. Made sure I had a drag line, butt out tool, to the shoulder gloves, 2 sharp knives, deer tag plastic bag, ink pen, zip ties, 2 golf towels & 2 bottles of water for clean up.