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What do you guys use for smallies..

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Flatheadmaniac, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. In the way of tackle?
    I mostly use a reel in the size of a 2000-2500 with ATLEAST a cap. of 210yrds of 6lb test.
    Rods , i like a longer lengths than most ,prefering 7ft being the shortest i use and 8.5ft being the longest.
    For live bait fishing, i use the longer rods(8.5ft) along with the newer Okuma Epixor baitfeeder EB20 & EB30
    My ole stand by wadin gear is a 7.5ft St. Croix Tidemaster Inshore, with my Shimano Stradic 2000FG for throwing lures.

    I have had the great pleasure of finding some of the last made St. Croix Ben Doerr Surf rods in the 7ft length for smallies(they changed them for 2003 and are no longer available like these)...i bought the two smallest models with one being a light action(rated 4-8 lb test) and a med/light(rated for 6-10 lb test). These rods are AWSOME as they have the same cork tape grips as the bigger surf rods in that line up...they are ultra skinny without that big bulky cork handle(super sensitive) and i think they will be the ticket for wadin next season!
    I only use 6lb test lines as i dont fish big over-sized lures for smallies and the 6lb line is perfect for throwing all sorts of lures from ultra-light to i have landed all of my 7 fish ohio smallies using the same brand 6 lb line..Gamakatsu G-power(co-polymer) only draw back is there is only ONE store in Columbus that carrys it!!:(
  2. I fish for them with my ultra light abu garica combo. Love to walk the creeks in search of them of hitting rocky areas in the lakes.But I use 6 lb. line on it and have several other combos with 8 lb. and 10 lb. line. I have always liked trilene line. But use Power Pro line on my cat rods.:)

  3. Flyrod

    Hobbs creek outfit. 8'6" flyrod. Absolutley have no idea what the hell I'm doing but watched a video with Dave Whitlock and been foolin around with it for years. Even for crappie. I tie some flys when the mood hits but they look like belly button fuzz. My helgramite pattern looks like a cat turd with feelers. Still get a big kick out of it when a fish bites one. Even a blind squirel finds a nut every now and then! Tea anyone? LakeRaider:""
  4. Hey Todd

    HAHAHAHA..HEHEHEH..thats funy stuff
    I'll have to get ya up this way next year and bring that fly rod(i'll bring an extra spinning combo just and i'll put ya on some GOOD smallmouths to test out your
    I tried that dang fly roding thing long ago..i hear those guys say something about "sporting" ..aint much fun getting your arse handed to ya by a 4lb smallie when all ya got to defend yourself is a wimpy long light rod..i'll stick to spinning rods &
  5. My choice

    I have a few Fenwick 7' walleye class rods that aren't made anymore. I have Shimano Stradic reels on them with 8# Silver Thread. That's good for alot of fish as well as my 8' 6" St Croix salmon rod, I use for everything too, with an Ahab spinning reel.:)
    LakeRader.....flyrods require skill....not everyone has the patience to learn. I used one in my youth, just about the time they invented the automobile !!;) I guess I was a natural, as I'd see other guys having fits from them. :rolleyes:
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  6. With the small rivers around here I use my ultra light rod/reel. It's nothin special just a k-mart special. Works fine for me.

  7. I use an old medium action fenwick eagle rod-6ft, with a shakespear reel and 8-lb test...Have not got into them much yet
  8. thanks for the replys guys

    Jim, i can cast a fly rod pretty well, just realized fast that i can do more things with a spinning rod than a fly rod with less effort and spend more time CATCHING instead of CASTING.
    Theres an older gent at Pike Island that fishes for skips and WB with a very short old fly rod..he has a blast..but again..its not for me at all!
    Jack i'll head down your way this year and we'll hit some smallies during the day..then hit the flatheads at night. I know that your local stream holds some real brute smallies as i have fished it farther north from you and did very well a few years back.
    Bill my boys use an ultra-light set up and did very well this past year, i used one for years, but wore the dang thing out....once i started to get into bigger (4lb+) smallies it was time to move to longer stronger tackle...there are areas i would take a set up like that now..but there are some areas i fish i wouldnt consider it.
  9. for Erie ...

    .. a Fenwick 6' Willow rod ws60ml, a Zeb 50 Classic, 8 lb Trilene xl low-vis green, 3/8 oz tube jigs w/4'' tubes.

    for the river/currents ~ same as as above except for the lure .. my fav ~ 1/8 to 3/16 oz homemade beetle spins w/1-2" t-tails - slow days dipped in formula II Shad
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  10. I have two go to rods ... one is a Team Diawa 6'6 medium action spinning rod with a shimano stradic .. the other is a fenwick smallmouth jigging rod, with another stradic reel .. I use super line 2lb diameter 15lb. test ... those big erie smallies but up too much of a fight in the waves for ultra light tackle for me ...
  11. I usually use the same rods for everything, but have 2 I usually use for smallies.

    7' St Croix Med-Lite with a Daiwa 2500aI Emblem-X

    6'6" St. Croix Med with a Daiwa 2500aI Emblem-S
  12. hey Fish

    I love my Daiwa Emblem series too..i have an older 2500ia Emblem Z, a 2002 model Z 2500ia and both the Emblem X & S also in the 2500ia size..great reels.
    I do like my Shimano's too with a 2002 model 2000FG and 2003 model 2000FG, along with my Japanese Shimano's both 2003 models 2000 Ultegra & Bio is the Japanese Stella.
    Do any of you guys use ultra light or light action baitcasting reels for smallies?
    I have a nice older combo that i have used, bought it just for wadin smallies. Its an Abu Garcia Black Max 1600 with a Black Max 5'6" light action rod.
    I just got a few weeks ago a new baitcaster for light action fishing for next season, its a Japanese Shimano Conquest 51(left hand)...its one sweet reel, almost to pretty to ;)
    Now all i need is a rod to match it with.
    Glad to see there are a lot of brown bass anglers in this forum.
  13. Flatheadmaniac,

    Yea, I really like my Daiwa's. Glad to see others do to.

    I would love to have the Z series. My favorite reel is a baitcaster. A Daiwa X- 103HVA and I have that on a 7' Daiwa-S Spinnerbait rod.
  14. Fish

    I think i read one of your threads saying you liked those low-profile baitcasting reels, if i fished for LM's i probably would too for thowing big spinner baits and big crank baits.
    I havent really tried using those style baitcasters before..i mostly use spinning reels for throwing lures and only use my round style baitcasters for cats. I do have a upgraded Abu just for throwing distance with big top water baits, other heavy plugs and heavy jigs/spoons for hybrid going to break it out this year and TRY to spend more time chasing them.
  15. Yea, I just use low-profile Baitcasters since all I do is Bass fishing and my fav lure is a spinnerbait, but I would like to get into other species if given the chance.

    You have some really nice outfits. If I could do it all over again, I would have bought more for multi-species like you did.

    I guess I'll have to start stocking up on other rod/reels and lures in the near future. :D

    Stick with just ONE or TWO me!!
    It gets WAY too expensive as it is to buy rods, reels and gear just for one certain specie..if you fish for a lot like me..thats a lot of tackle.
    WARNING:TACKLE ADDICTION is a BAD thing..just ask Jim(mrfish/oh) hes gone off the deep end..he used to be a mild mannered nice guy who fished for stripers/hybrid stripers(and some Eyes here and there), he used to use a few quality long rods and Fin-Nor spinning reels..and NOW..geez, i bet hes got more baitcasters than spinning reels(just ask him he'll send ya pics of ALL of them).Hes now buying up tackle about everyday through that very bad place ebay, and other on-line stores.

    He got rid of his nice bass boat and got a big river cat rig..hes spending money like he just won the lottery(or just got news hes only got a certain amount of time left..just a joke jim;) )..but MAN hes spinning out of control..i will tell ya tackle addiction is hard to control and some guys get "bit" and go crazy..luckly i only went the MANIAC
    Yup used to be a mild mannered tailwater hes a full blown cataholic..almost like hes found the "fountain of youth"..but let me tell ya cattin is a hard fishing life to live..not only the money factor(if ya do it right that is), but the long days & nights chasing a fish that is THE top predator in Ohio..theres only a few fish in Ohio that are on the BIG GAME list..Musky, Carp , Flatheads and Blues..if you get hooked on'll only dream of bigger and meaner fish...
    So trust me man...dont give in..stay with those few fish you chase now..once you head down the path to "Bottom Feeders" you wont be the same again!

    Just look at ME..
    :eek: :confused: :rolleyes: ;) :p :D :D :D :cool:
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  17. my smallies tackle is all i have.. and im using 5'3" fenwick HMX along with quantum reel.. i mainly uses 6lbs test line,but i do downsize to 4 lbs test sometimes.. although during summer,i uses 8lbs test line,when i needed that extra strength...
  18. LOL. Great post. I got a kick out of it. :D

    I'm afraid it's too late for me. I have 7 rods (had 17, but gave 10 to my friend in Michigan because he's married and will never be able to afford to get much) so it gave me an excuse to buy more. :D

    I have 5 tackle boxes full of lures but it's only for bass.
    I don't even have a perch spreader. I do have 1 erie dearie though. Does that make me multi-species? :D

    I hear ya though. It's an addiction like no other. :)
  19. LOL Fish

    Glad you liked it..story of my life!;)
  20. Seven Rods ???

    :D :D I won't say nutin !!:eek:
    I'm not addicted to tackle either , I just know what I like & sometimes I have to get what I don't like to find what I do like.
    Story of who's life ??
    Hey Fish, don't worry, if you get in trouble, I'll take you to meetings !!!:D I don't don't just collect tackle...I catch fish with it !!:rolleyes: Not bragging, just stating the facts, big ones & lots of them !:eek:
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