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Every time I go out: headnet, gloves (quite often mittens that hold hand warmers), 3 calls (slate, push and one other) plus sand paper, license/tag/pen, orange carry bag, brush trimmers, seat cushion, 3 shells for in the gun + 3-5 extra shells, gun, cell phone.

Add to above - Most every time I go out: camo crazy creek chair (ahhhhh, zzzzzzzz? LOL), water bottle, packs of hand warmers.

Only on special occasions: porta-roof umbrella, 1-3 decoys, red light source, compass, snacks, waterproof calls, crow call, gobble call, bug spray

And since they changed the start date of turkey season and made it earlier several years back, I've only needed my Thermacell once or twice in all those years. Maybe this year with the later start and warm spring (so far), I'll actually get to use it again.

I'm sure there is something more. Seems like when I first started I carried everything but the kitchen sink. Now lately I try to carry less and less.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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