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What county?

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by Nut, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. What county do you chase the gobblers at in the spring?

    Previous years I have hunted Defiance,Williams,Vinton,Athens,Coschoctan,Muskingum

    Last spring I hunted Morgan and Hocking Counties. Didnt score but had lots of fun.

    This year it will be Morgan and Ross I believe. There is also a chance of Auglaise.
  2. I have hunted in Licking, vinton , Scioto, Jackson and Lawrence counties.
    This year I'm open , but will hunt the last two mentioned.;)

  3. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    I hunt Coschocton, Guernsey, Harrison and Tuscarawas counties.
  4. Morrow County

    I havent done the Spring turkeys yet only the fall but I think Ill give it a try for the spring.. Cant hurt anything. Ive gotten one the last 2 years here so something is going right :) Now if I could get my fishing tatics to meet my hunting standard then I would be all set lol
  5. Waterloo District in Athens. Will probably look around for the half dozen or so I saw while deer hunting my neighbors 50 acres as well.
  6. Washington, Pike and Greene counties.
  7. VINTON, VINTON, VINTON. Havent been in a couple of years, but friend of my dad's has 1000+ acres. Plum full of gobblers
  8. Hey nut, I also have hunted turkey in Defiance Co. where abouts did you hunt Defiance and Williams because my family and my wifes family are fromn that area?
  9. Being from NY, what do you guys think of Ashtabula county. I've read that this county has a pretty good population of birds. Any thoughts?:confused:
  10. hoytme....I hunted Oxbow Wildlife area. I had a blast and the best danged nap I ever had.;)

    pawclaws...I hunted Waterloo WA there before....had great fun there...I missed a doe with my compound bow there

    maytom.....I am not sure ,I have never hunted there
    but why dont you post a thread alone so that more might see it?;)
  11. Nut, ok. Good point.;)
  12. I will be hunting in Noble co. I seen more birds in Bow and gun season than I did deer!! and I seen tons of deer:D Pike
  13. Knox County, almost got one last year, had 4 close and 1 close enough to shoot but it stayed in cover.
  14. where to hunt

    Adams county is the place for me.;)
  15. gunner70
    Do you hunt them birds in the Hills close to the river or more north where it flatter,Just a another fellow adams county ridge runner.
  16. Not sure how much hunting I'll be doing but I'll be guiding in Morgan, Noble & Muskingum Counties :) :D :cool:

    Not that there are many gobblers there at all ;) :rolleyes: