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What are ya shooting this year?

Discussion in 'Ohio Crossbow Hunting' started by BoarTerminator, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. I seen that the gents had a post where they were talking and posting pics of the compound bows they are using this year, so for you cross bow shooters what are you using. It was my birthday last saturday but im pretty strapped for cash these days, but i was looking on Midway USA's web site and seen a nice crossbow package so i purchased it. its an arrow precision 175 LB Inferno fury. The package comes with a red dot scope, weaver mount, rope cocker, stringing string and an extra string, it seems like a very solid bow for the price. I got the bow, 3 MX-3 100 grain broadheads, and three allen carbon fiber bolts for $188.00, so feel free to post some pictures of what you are using this year. :D
  2. As my signature states below:

    Parker Tornado
    100gr Grim Reaper Razortip
    3x Parker Scope
    Red Hot carbon arrows

  3. Horton summit 175, Horton bolts and slick trick 125
  4. horton vison 175 crossbow
    rage 2 blade 100 grain
    hoyt fast flite compound
  5. Horton Vision 175 with Grim Reaper 100 grain mechanicals.
  6. Ten Point Turbo XLT II 180# w/ Carbon Express bolts and Muzzy/Rage ? broadheads.
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  7. Horton Vision 175 (eyeing up a Havoc though!) shooting 425 grain Bone Collector Carbon arrows with Slick Trick Mags. Wrap around limb tunerz on my foot stirrup and my limbs. Quietest crossbow ive ever head and I can cut fletchings off other arrows with the slick tricks at 60 yards.

    Also hunt quite a bit with my Hoyt Rampage XT at 65lbs shooting an Easton Axis arrow with a Rage 2 blade broadhead, Trophy Ridge sight and quiver, Limb Driver drop away rest, and a smooth stability stabilizer. I LOVE this set up! Mainly hunt with the crossbow during late season or if ive got a good opportunity for a good natural ground blind set up.
  8. at present...
    42# 60"bear kodiak(dogleg)...
    45# 60"bear super kodiak(blue striper)...
    48#62" browning explorer...
    cedar arrows with 125 gr.field points or 125 gr.woodsman...:D
  9. Excalibur phoenix 175
    Hand made Speed strings- Danny Miller
    Gold Tip II bolts
    Muzzy MX3 100g
    Excalibur vari- scope
    Claw Sling
    Excalibur Vib- Damponer

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  10. probably a Vixen again along with an Exomag. depends what stand I hunt.
  11. Barnett penetrator. Carbon easton bolts 100g rage two blade broad head. With tracer nock.

    The one and only.
  12. Ten Point Phyntom Xtra, if the shoulder gives out and I can't pull the Insanity Compound. I'm hoping that doesn't happen but I'm ready if it does.

    Good luck to everyone and be safe out there.

  13. Shooting a Horton bone collector with carbon express bolts and 100 grain spitfire broadheads. Love the accuracy of this thing but could use some dampeners for the noise.

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  14. fred bear lights out #70, trophy rigde whisker biscuit, trophy ridge 4 pin sight, carbon express arrows, 100gr muzzy mx3, scott archery little bitty goose release, and some short stabilizer my buddy gave to me
  15. Awesome bow! I have the same one with other stuff though
  16. Well, I never thought I would be one to shoot a crossbow, not that I have anything against them just love my compound but I bought my girlfriend one of the Stryker strikezone 380's for Xmas and was so impressed I ordered one for myself. Thought it might come in handy when trying out new areas without stands set yet. Very fast and the accuracy is unbelievable!!!!!
  17. Bowtech Destroyer 350 and my son will be shooting the Stryker 380. Gotta admit I wouldn't mind shooting that also. But going to harvest one with my bow first.

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