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I was deer hunting behind the house a couple weekends ago, and at first light, started hearing several clucks from on the ridge above me. I pulled out my call and they went nuts. There was a flock of 25-30 birds that came to about 40 yards, and started pacing back and forth across the hillside for 15 minutes. I think they could see my deer decoy and didn't like it. I had the crossbow up and was hoping for them to come to at least 30 yards. I kept calling and they kept vocally responding. I even heard several weak sounding gobbles, but did not see any toms. Eventually they wandered off.

The next morning, at the same time and same place, they did the same thing. Again with the same result.

That evening I was in a different stand on my property, and around 4:00, could hear rustling behind me coming up the ridge. Eventually I started hearing some yelps. I start scanning with my binoculars. I am sure it is the same flock of about 30 birds. I looked them all over, but could not make out a tom. I saw one though that had a fairly thin, but fairly long beard. I assumed at that time that it was a bearded hen, and kept my eye on it. Eventually they worked their way to about 25 yards, and that hen separated herself from the others. I shot, and turkeys scattered. I looked down and saw her laying there. Over the next 10 minutes, the flock all came back to that area and surrounded the downed bird. They milled around for another 10 minutes or so, and then continued walking up the ridge.

This is the 2nd bearded hen I have gotten. She had an 8 1/2" beard. I got her cut up and we had fresh fried turkey Mcnuggets the next day.

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