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Weekend Turkey Camp?

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by Spitfire, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. Who's up for a weekend Turkey Camp this year? Just think of it out of the woods at noon and around the campfire by 1pm. Think of all those beverages that could be consumed while waiting on a bird to get done cooking. Sounds pretty cool if you ask me.
  2. what you gonna do now SPITFIRE start a turkey camp too. man turkey camp in the spring deer camp in the youre talkin

  3. Since I started the Deer Camp I might as well start a Turkey Camp. Are you in? C.D. might have to get the choker off for a weekend but I think he would join us. LOLOLOL!!! I think it would be a good time.
  4. We could also use that time to scout for the fall. Just an idea, whats everyone think?
  5. sounds good to me aslong as we do it with shotguns.oh im sure it would be interestin.out by 1 and sittin round the fire
  6. Interesting isnt the word for it. Use shotguns, AHHHHH! Why not with the bow? Just kidding, i'm taking the gun. I'm not a turkey expert so I need every advantage I can get.
  7. Turkey Camp? When where and why not?
  8. im using a shotgun .heck that would be tough with a bow.HOYTME2 SPITFIRE sounds like he has all the details.
  9. HEY HOYTME, don't you remember that the first day of our golf league starts on the opening day of Turkey ... you turkey! I'm not sleeping in the barn floor this year either. I might catch the mouse disease! Look at the sky .......

  10. ITHOYTS your givin up turkey huntin for golf.W> T >M>!!!???????
  11. I have to admit I don't like to golf during turkey season, but I have to. I am the committee for the league an I have to be there.

  12. I'm the committee for the Turkey Camp so you guys let me know when your available and we will plan something.
  13. Maybe we could go down there opening weekend! We have a lot of crap going on at work in the early spring here, so it may be tough!

  14. We used to set up camp and turkey hunt in the am and trout fish in the afternoon. It was a blast!!!!! We didn't get any birds that year, but we caught a few nice rainbows. :)

  15. Whenever you guys can make it and it doesnt interfere with your schedule. Just let us know when you can go. First weekend, second weekend, or whenever, it doesnt matter.

    Hey Thunderflight, where abouts did you do your trout fishing? I would'nt mind doing a little of that before I go out west.
  16. Brian and I will have to check our work schedules out for Turkey camp, but I think we should definately do it. Tents ..... no problem during that time of the year. Hey Brian, can I borrow a good gun???? Ya see I only do archery and muzzleloader.

    Are you game for the turkey camp thing hoytme???????
  17. no shotgun there ITHOYTS.bring your bow.hey SPITFIRE so what it goin to be the first weekend of turkey?need to know so can scheduale some time off on friday so i can make sure dont have to work that weekend.
  18. Turkey Camp sounds like fun, let me know when and where.:D
  19. Hey our tournaments start in April but I am not sure exactially what the dates are. I just got the confirmed dates yesterday but I can't remember them all. We will have to get back with you guys on the dates we are available but don't plan anything around us. This is the start of our season is usually is pretty busy for me with training new hires and all the leagues starting.
  20. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds tempting here,But why shotguns?,Bow baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!