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Wayne National Forest vs Zaleski State Forest

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by Buck8075, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. I am heading out to Nelsonville OH this year for my first ever out of state hunt with my brother and a good buddy of ours. We are staying literally between the southern part of Wayne and the Northern part of Zaleski. in a camper at happy hills campground. We are looking at tons of maps and information, talking to people online like coonskinner who has been a great help reading his posts. I am still looking for more information as to where to get started and where to avoid too many other hunters. Don't worry, I'm obviously not looking for someone to give up their hotspots LOL, just a point in the right direction and which is better, Wayne, or Zaleski. We are from NY and we are avid hunters that hunt more then we work from 10/1 through January, and hoping this trip will leave an impression that will keep us coming back year after year. And by that, I mean the trip itself, we are not the type to be disappointed coming home with an empty truck. So hopefully someone on here can point us right and not look at us like all the other out of staters lol. We also run a hunting website, forum, blog and video our hunts and post them online if anybody is interested in seeing small NY buck hunting videos LOL.

  2. A lot more land on wnf than Zaleski and a lot more opportunity to get back away from other hunters. Zaleski sees its fair share of pressure. I havent hunted either since the 90s. When I hunted the wnf I hunted over toward Glouster and we took some nice deer. Good luck to you.
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  3. Either is good I would hunt Zaleski It didn't seem to have to much presure last year. Wayne is good also. Hunt as close to lake hope as you can...