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Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by chopiq, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. chopiq

    chopiq Staff Member Mod

    I'm new to this site, but I think I read in one of the posts that some of you camp at Waterloo during gun season. If thats the case I need to buy you all a beer. I hunt on private property on the other side of Waterloo, and it seems that as the hunters come in from Waterloo they drive alot of deer our way. There is one area where it bottlenecks into a valley on our side of the hill and every year we see alot of deer being pushed our way. It sounds like alot of deer are shot before the get to us but we always get a deer being pushed to us. If you all hunt at Waterloo next year I'll have to come up at visit you with a 12 pack.
    Also Uncle Bucks sells beer during the early part of deer season until it gets to cold.
  2. You waterloo boys kill me (symmes valley hunh!)...hehehe i graduated from Rock Hill.

    Anyway, that part of the Wayne is considered the "waterloo section".....that's eve off route 93 and into Gallia, Jackson & Lawrence counties....or it is also called the Ironton district.

    I been thinking about putting on a bow hunt or turkey hunt for some of the fellas on here...I am pretty familiar with the Indian creek area (off Dry ridge/Collie Creek/ Brushy Buckeye etc). Your welcome to join in if we can get enough guys to go hunting one day...actually the Telegraph ridge area to tell you the truth around the old "Sheritts Farm".

    What's your name?


  3. chopiq

    chopiq Staff Member Mod

    Old Hat, I might be talking about another area near Waterloo. The place I hunt on is right beside the big cliff they call Lookout Rock and near the train tunnel called Moonville tunnel. It is off of King Hollow road and near Racoon Creek. The guy who owned the property was Woody Woodruff. We used to stay at his house until he died a few years ago. The campgrounds at Waterloo I'm thinking off is off of 56 or 356 I think. Oh yeah my names John. I would be intrested in doing a hunt in that area. I think now that Woody died Uncle Bucks is buying the property for horses and that would end our hunting there.
  4. Our group has never gun hunted the Waterloo area. We have been talking with Oldhat about a hunt at Indian Creek and maybe a Turkey Hunt. Never did a gun hunt down that way though, but you can still buy us a beer we won't mind.

    We have hunted up on King Hollow Road, but that was early season bowhunts and I think a couple of us hunted coon creek once but that was also an early season outing.
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  5. We have been to Lookout Rock and Moonville Tunnel. I won't be going back to that damn Tunnel again I can tell ya that right now. We had a bad experience there one night. Can't get into the details on here. We might be able tell the story at Deer Camp around the campfire though.
  6. Used to play Waterloo in Basketball and Baseball back in the 60s.We always won.I was a Indian.GUess what school I attended.
  7. Dunno about that, but can you remember the "Waterloo Wonders"?

    If you can, then your a day older than dirt!
  8. Yes I remember the waterloo wonders but that ain't the same waterloo as in A thens county.They were good enough to beat the pros and the globetrotters.
  9. hehheheh BV..ooops I mean George, you are "older than dirt" I see!

    Yeah, the town of Waterloo I am speaking of is in Gallia/Lawrence county area...right off Symmes Creek off rt 141.

    Yep them "Wonders" sure were something!

    Hey George, you ever hunt that "bow hunting Only" area only off of Racoon Creek? Just wondering, I had a buddy's buddy hunt it and take a nice 10 the 1st day he hunted it.

  10. Where is that "bowhunting only area" by coon creek?
  11. I also wouldlike to know alittle more about this bowhunting area only by raccoon creek, not sure where you are at,I know were raccoon creek is where abouts it this piece of ground.Spiter raccoon creek is the creek we waded across that year did you see a area like this.
  12. might be able to get some crawfish in racoon creek.there are probably some in there. :cool:
  13. Note

    Hey Guys

    Watch out for the claws on the crawfish if you are planning on picking up a few for camp. They do pinch a might, catch them as they will run backwards not forward. :D
  14. ratcoon creek is dead water but coming back.
  15. Hey chopig,

    I think I know exactly where you're hunting. I have hunted Waterloo for the past 5 years at deercamp (archery) and have had limited success, but that's only because I still don't fully understand how to hunt the hills. If you take Kings Hollow over the old "rickity bridge", your hunting off the the right in kind of a weatlands area that butts up to Waterloo, correct? As a matter of fact, there's a guy who lives on the Waterloo side of the road that holds a turkey camp for hunters every Spring, do you know the house and long white barn I'm talking about? We stopped after my buddy shot a seven point in Waterloo a few years back and talk to those guys for a while. I love that Waterloo area. The beer sounds good, maybe next November we can hook up.

  16. I remember that area but it was you that waded it not me. I found a spot to walk across & not get soaking wet. Ray described it to a tee, looks as though he has been there also.
  17. I have found that the best way to cross this ratcoon creek is by cutting a grapevine and swing across.Trouble is it is so crooked and winding you are always crossing it.Oh by the way anybuddy know the population of plugtown ?
  18. Plug town never heard of it ,Is that were that little store is at.
  19. chopiq

    chopiq Staff Member Mod

    Yeah rjolenic, that sounds like the place I hunt. At that old bridge, which is really narrow and then turns sharp, is the house we used to stay at. I think that house you are talking about is a hunting club which some guys from Columbus own. The place is full of people during gun season. The wetlands is private property on both sides the road but it butts right up to public property. Sounds good about the beer. Oldhat where is the bow hunting only area? I bow hunt down there but never seen bowhunt only area. We stayed at the Lake Hope cabins this year during gun season on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.
  20. Chopig:

    That's what I was asking George. There is an area there but it is only 700 acres from what I have been told. I asked "GEORGE", because he is probably more familiar with that area than I am.

    That area you guys call "WATERLOO" is no the same "Waterloo" that I am familiar with. Mine is about 30 or 40 miles South East from that area.

    Only thing I really know about Racoon Creek, is that I took a 14 mile (?) canoe trip down it that started around Bob Evans Farm. I was pitifully drunk about 1 mile into the trip and the last 13 miles was a nightmare...we had a "4 rows and then you had to drink" type thing going on, (stupid man beer game). There were 8 of us and 4 canoes with 6 cases of beer. Needless to say we were out of beer when we were done.

    But, that was in my younger days.

    There is an area though, guess I'll have to ask my Buddy's Buddy.
    I think it is a "park" on the creek somewhere.


    Got my 1st role of film from my game cam developed today....3 does, 2 button bucks and a 3 legged 6 point. I seen that 3 legged six point just abot every time I was on the stand this year..poor ol deer, no leg, cut clean right at the shoulder blade.....looks to me like the leg was "froze" at birth with how there is no "leg" at all there. It was actually somewhat funny in a sense watching him come around the hill when I'd see him....I'd always see his rack "bouncing" up and down before I'd ever see his body. It's his front leg.

    I also seen an 8 pt "roll him" after sparring (actually getting it on) w/another 6 pt. The 6 and 8 went at it for 45 minutes, while poor ol 3 leg was trying to suck down as many acorns as he could. Well, I thought foresure the 6 or 8 was gonna seriously hurt each other, well, the 6 pinned the 8 one time, and the 8 took about a 20 yard run (I guess he was emabarrased) and charged the 3 legged buck and knocked him on his butt. I actually got a little PO'd at the 8 point and thought to myself "yeah, ol 3 leg would probably laugh at you if I stuck and arrow in you about right now"...anyway, all of this went on within 40 yards of my stand adn at one point, the normal 6 and 8 were at the bottom of my tree fighting. Was the first time I had actually witnessed a knock down drag out fight. I've seen some "love tappping" going on, but never anything like this. None of the bucks were dominant (the 8 might score 90-100 and he was the biggest).

    You guys ever see some bucks actually "get into it" like that before? One of the wildest thiings, was right before they started, both the 6 and 8 sniffed on each other, took a few steps back, and right before the started, both bucks had every hair on their body standing up..was kind aweird looking.

    well, am rambling again!

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