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Discussion in 'Ohio Waterfowl Hunting' started by Bubbahunter, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. ok folks who`s got the birds? we have good numbers of geese and a fair amount of ducks. the second split just started and i was just wondering how everyone is doing?

  2. I killed a good many mallards earlier in the season. They were coming into a big puddle in a cut field on my buddy's land. Some where landing on the 3 and 1/2 acre pond nearby, but most were hitting the puddle. Haven't seen any ducks since things froze up. I've seen a lot of geese out there but none will commit to my decoys. Hoping my robo goose changes that. This pond also has a windmill aerator on it and I'm hoping birds start using the thirty foot circle of open water caused by it with everything else being iced up. Anybody else seen birds drawn to aeration holes like this? This windmill was just put in this year so it may take them time to find it.

  3. geese

    The flight bird are finally here should be a banner day tomorrow! Most of the flocks that I've been watching should decoy well. For the guy that made the robo goose, Wing Supply has the motor and 2 sets of wing for about 40 bucks. Good luck with the hunt.
  4. Well me and some buddies from work went out this morning we had a few flocks come in but would not commit to coming in.Will try again here soon after the holiday are over.
  5. well the waterfowl hunting on Grand lake st. marys is just not what we where hoping for .

    the opener of the second half was a bust. most of the ducks are gone and the geese will not decoy. don`t get me wrong we still have a good number of birds here but with the lake being iced up for a couple weeks has caused alot of the birbs to move south during the split. hopefully we`ll get anouther push of birds before she locks up again.

  6. We got a couple Mergansers today. We saw quite a few birds, but they all wanted to go to the rice plantation. We'll be going out on Saturday. Hopefully all the hunters who hunt the plantation will be there and keep the ducks flying around. 8*)
  7. I have friends who Duck, and Goose hunt, they have given up deer hunting altogether in favor of waterfowl
  8. Thought I'd update you guys on my goose hunting at my buddies pond. Went out on new years morning. Good rain and wind had all kinds of flocks and singles flying around. We had about three dozen decoys out along with my homemade robo goose. We did have some birds fly near for a look but not close enough for a shot. I thought for sure that a few of the singles or three/four bird flocks would come in but no dice. Same old story for the last month or so- the birds knew exactly where they wanted to go (corn fields mostly) and didn't want to sit on my pond or the surrounding fields. Early in the season they were using the pond and the backfield (cut wild grass), but it seems they only come to this pond now at night. We never shot any out there yet so I know we didn't spook them out. Next year I plan to plant corn in the backfield and perhaps some plants specificly for waterfowl.
  9. Any body doing any good around the Indian lake area,Have not seen the birds lately a few small flocks here and there.
  10. No duck or goose hunters at indian lake otay.Wll thanks will keep trying my luck.