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Wagner archery, Steve Wagner, Grafton Ohio

Discussion in 'Ohio Traditional Archery' started by celloguy, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. After visiting Steve's shop yet again today I am positively convinced that this is the premier shop in NE Ohio. Steve is the most outgoing and accommodating fellah you would care to meet. He took well over an hour and a half to set me up with my new broadheads, shooting glove, etc. He went over all the technical specs and and practical points needed to ensure a positive experience. Steve is absolutely a person you want in your corner. And while you are there in his shop take time to admire his beautiful bows, you will not want to buy off the rack from some big box store ever again. Check him out and support your local businesses. Good luck to all this 2012 season, shoot straight and shoot with confidence.
  2. steve is a great person . makes a good bow and supports osta to the fullest .

  3. is this a trad shop? grafton is not too far for me. I have never heard of this place..
  4. Steve can work on any bow.

    Wagner Archery | Archery Equipment | Arrows | Bows | Archery Hunting
    35062 Grafton-Eastern Road
    Grafton, OH 44044Telephone:

    Give him a call, he does not hold 9-5 hours.
  5. I live in Grafton. Never heard of him. But with a review like yours, I will check him out. Good to know there is a local person like him.:bouncy:
  6. twig archery is in the area too...for wood arrows they are hard to beat...they also sell samick bows which are very reasonably priced...they carry a full line of trad.archery products...neat "old time feel"archery shop...:D
  7. Are you talking about accurate firearms in downtown Grafton. They have an archery shop in there too. I know the guy who owns that "Rich" from riches towing. Is that the same place your referring to.
  8. Steve's shop is on his property. Give him a call to find out when he can see you.