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Wackerbaits launches a new ground/packbait for carpin

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by rrbski, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. Once on the site...

    Click on "baits" then....
    Click on "method mixes, meilie bom, groundbaits"
    Look at 2d groundbait listed. "Buckeye" Blend :) It definately works.

    No...I make nothing off of any of the sales....although it was offered.
  2. Bob

    Is there alot of cold water carping? I know they have to eat all year. Mostly I see them near the surface during the warm season. Do you still fish for them during the winter?

  3. AWSOME Bob

    Im going to have to order some with my next purchase from Paul, hey will you autograph one for me at East Harbor? ;) , your a carp celeb. now man..CONGRATES!!
    :D :D :D ;)
    Well all i can say is this, if Bob has his name on it and he came up with the can bet this stuff works VERY well! Bob knows his carping better than anyone else i know or have talked too..sure wish you'd write down all your recipies, i'd buy that book for sure!!!
  4. [​IMG]

    Jim...alot of folks say water temps below 40* is not worth the trouble as fish go dormant. Not a proven theory as it's not really been tested. I've caught many when only the shoreline was thawed and the rest of the lake was still iced over.

    Warm water discharges are a good place to hit too. The small ones will be very close to the outlet...bigger ones sometimes a considerable distance away from them.

    Rivers are better than lakes in cold weather....currents etc keep the fish a bit more active.

    Feeding periods also not as often or as long as metabolism is slowed down considerably.

    Alcohol based flavorings vs syrups/sugars are best to use also as they don't "gel" in the colder temps. Some fish oils are good pure salmon doesn't gel/freeze like sardine oil for example. Put a jar of sardine oil in the fridge and it'll turn to "wax" and won't even pour. Salmon oil won' stays liquefied and disperses scent well in the cold. short, it definately slows goal this year is to catch one through a hole in the ice....if we ever get any :)
  5. Thanks for the kind words Scott....but I make no guarantees :) even the best of baits get skunked sometimes. I will say it was tested for over a year by other anglers that I don't know...must've worked ok. It has for me for quite awhile.

    An autograph from me won't even get you a cup of coffee :D but would be glad to give ya one.
  6. Good deal Bob, I am happy for you...I would have taken them up on the offer however:D