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I learned a lesson today.... Beginners luck does not make you a pro.

I guess I thought I was ready to work a video camera and shoot a turkey at the same time. I took the cross bow out today and decided I was going to try and film it. Didn't work out. Was fiddling with the camera and missed an opportunity to shoulder my crossbow. By the time I got it up, it was 30 yard shot. I would like to think I can make that shot all day long but I was a little shakey and the gobbler had just come in so I thought he might come back in. Nope. He walked away and would not come back. He met up with a couple hens.

Anyway, tomorrow, hopefully he won't be so lucky. Good news is I got some video to share of this guy.

And, I'm new to turkey hunting and I'm not a good judge of size. Is this a good sized turkey or not?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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