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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by getinjiggy, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. Ive got this feeling vette from GFO is in this website wandering around. Anyone else get tis same idea? Glenn
  2. lol i think your right.


  3. I got the same impression.

  4. He was a guy we met at GFO whom did alot inside the buy sell trade section! Hes a good guy to know and VERY knowledgabe on exotic and newer boats/motors. I think he left there cause that section was taken off for financial reasons! I think thats why quite a few of GFOers came here! Glenn
  5. Cool thanks for the fast reply.
  6. Mal

    you really don't want to know:eek: :rolleyes: he ain't quite right after all his highjinx on the water with his toys:rolleyes: his elevator don't go all the way up,if ya know what i mean:rolleyes: :D ;)other than that,he's a ok guy :) :cool:'ll find him posting here,but under an assumed name;)
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  7. sounds like he will fit right in lol
  8. I don't know....

    but I could smoke him out with these mint condition Merc's I got for sale cheap !! Super10, Hurricane, Thunderbolt(25hp), ;) :D :D :eek:
  9. I hope he's here. I enjoyed his posts at GFO and since it looks like he won't be there anymore...
  10. A Conclusion

    Why would anybody IN THEIR RIGHT MIND want to fool around with old mota's and talk about boats? And have the coolest avitar! LOL LakeRaider"" BURF!
  11. hey misfit,do i win anything for the oustanding guess?(pm message).
    lakeraider, good to see you!:D
  12. Lakeraider

    Only someone who likes to put their hand on a hot burner all the time to see if it's still hot !!;)
    Who said
  13. you win mo

    you are now eligible for a anchor droppin' wave runnin' "aventure with the MISFIT,on the lake of your choice.:eek: :D do have to sign a release form exempting me from any liability for bumps,bruises,or soiled underwear.also agree to replace the seat if damaged by the imprints of your deathgrip.i let the toad off on that one,but good seats are expensive,and i really can't afford to replace them myself:(

    Buildin' a new stick-steer boat for crappie fishin this spring. Based on a tracker hull (16ft), 50hp merc. with 15"tower and s.s. prop and power trim so I can get way back up them skinney water creeks down south. Got a digital cam for xmas but Red won't let me play with it till then so I'll post some pics of it then. Mr.Fish, I touched Reds burner and she smacked me,whats up with that! Lake Raider""
  15. Well hello, poster formerly known as vette. Make sure red makes you wear the helmet next time you are out doing 100 + on the water.

  16. misfit,am i allowed to pass my "boat ride" off to one of the younger guys around here?
    i use to have that white knuckle grip every weekend years ago when i use to fish in bass's no too often that i like driving over 60 mph let alone riding in a boat that fast!!!
    a guy on the ohio river cured me of the "need for speed" back in was like going 60mph in a frying pan:D :D :D
  17. lakeraider you got to take me for a ride.

  18. HA HA HA I can see it now Bubba gonna do the do do in his pants! ha ha Glenn Someone take a camera!