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Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by ron fulwider, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Anyone been seeing or getting pics of bucks losing there velvet yet?
  2. Pictures of hard horns here in wv since last wk.

  3. Yea, Some are hard and some are not...
  4. i got 8 cams out and no hard horns in va yet.well not last week be checking some this wed and thur we'll see then had a few last week that looked like it should be anyday.seen two small bucks in the yard last night they both were still in full velvet
  5. Got one with hard head gear on cam so far

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  6. Got one on cam starting to shed last night.
  7. Got hard horn here in sw ohio !!!
  8. Found a few rubs yesterday morning squirrel hunting. Pulled a card on the way home and sure enough it had some hard horns on it.

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  9. what part of va are you in? I'm in bedford county.
  10. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    Over a week ago they started showing up here and there....
  11. I've seen many shed or shedding over the past week. Seems to be right on time.
  12. Saw a nice 10 point last week that was hard and saw a couple last night a 12 and a scrub 6 that were still in velvet.
  13. Haven't seen a horn on a deer yet
  14. spent some time over the weekend at AEP and saw a nice 8pt hard horned.
  15. Saw a big 8pt on Aug 27 that was hard horned. Since then ive seen a couple that looked to be starting to shed. So far all the trail cam pics still show velvet
  16. Found one rub in the woods last night. Should be finding more soon.

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  17. Russell co.
  18. no bone yet!!!...hopefully soon