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varmit gun

Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by archer077, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. new to this board and wanted to say hello ot all fellew members and thinking about getting into coyote and groundhog hunting and wandering what would be a decent cal. rifle for them most of my hunting has been with shotgun but now mainly bow hunting thanks for your input
  2. Hi and welcome to the board.I have 2 guns I use.
    1.Ruger model mk77 varminter with a bull barrel in 22-250 cal.I only shoot reloaded ammo,I have a Simmons 4x12x40 scope and have taken groundhogs out to 515 yards.

    2.Ruger model #1 in 22-250 with a Nikon 4.5x14x40 scope and also shoots verygood with our handloads and I have also taken groundhogs out to 500 yards with this gun also.

    I think I could kill anykind of varmint with either of these guns,Fox,coyote and have taken alot of groundhogs.I would suggest any rifle made by Ruger,these are the best shooting guns I have owned.Good Luck.;)

  3. Archer,
    Don`t get hung-up on any caliber or any brand name. Any caliber from the .17 Remington up will make a good varment round. If you want to save hides the .17 Remington is the only center fire round made commerically that will fit the bill. If your not going to hide hunt, I would look for a good use .222 or .223. Eather of these will do a real good jod out to 250 yards and alittle more. The .222 round dominated the bench rest scene for years and they are about imposible to shot out the barrel with. If you think you need more range there is the .22-250. If you want something that can double as a deer gun the .243 is a good choice. There is a gun show in Lima on the 4 and 5 of Jan., that would be a good place to start looking, if you want more advice I`ll be there on the 4th. if you want to look me up. Good luck on your hunt and don`t buy the first thing you see unless it`s a bargin.
  4. As far as true varmint rounds I would go with the 223 or 22-250 for a starter, the 22-250 would probably be a better choice if you will be limited to only one, you can do more with the 22-250, plus if you dont reload both the 223 and 22-250 can be had in a wide variety of factory loads, some of them are really good loadings, as far as guns it would depend on how much money you wish to spend, you can get a new Savage for around $350, I dont personally have a Savage but I hear they are top notch, or you can go up to the next tier of rifles and get a Remington or Ruger for around $550 roughly for a Varminter, I have a 700VS in 223 with a 6X18 Leupold and a 700VLS in 22-250 with a 12X Leupold and I love them both, I use the 223 for the most part because most of my shots are within about 250 yards and the 223 is a joy to shoot, I would tend to agree with the gentleman before and say look at as many different varities as you can before you make your choice. Good Luck