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Various fishing items 4 Sale:

Discussion in 'Sell - Buy - Trade Hunting and Fishing Goods' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. Okay, where to start? I have TONS of equipment that I do not use anymore, or have never used.

    Here we go:

    1) Quantum Classic Express baitcaster. 4 bearings, 6.2:1, flippin' switch, 165/12lb. left hand
    Rod: Zebco Gold IM6 6' 8-15lb. $30 new $70

    2)Daiwa Procaster 6.3:1, 3 bearings, 120/12lb. left hand
    Rod: BPS Bionic Blade 6' 8-17lb. $40 new $100

    3)Penn 6500SS spinfisher 250/15lb. 4.6:1 strong cat reel.
    $50 new $120

    4)Shimano Corsair 400 3 bearings, added livebait handle like Calcutta 700, about 180/20lb. has bait clicker, used for cats.
    $40 new $80

    5)FULL Plano 759 Guide Series tackle box, 4 drawer, top access, with additional storage in lid. Not full of junk:
    we'll start with sinkers: (quantity is rough guess)
    30 3/8 ounce eggs, 50 1/8oz. bullets, 14 1/4 steel bullets, 12 3/8 walleye type sinkers, 15 1/4 lead bullets, 1lb. of 3/8 bullets, 25 1/2oz. eggs, 100's of split shot(most med. #4 size), 12 brand new bitsy bug jigs in 5 colors, 12 or more never used Erie Dearies most are 3/8 in a variety of colors, 2 tiny torpedos, 2 Mann's baby 1-, 4 new small Rapala countdowns, 3 new small floating Rapalas, 4 new Smithwick Rogues, 1 medium size jointed rapala(firetiger), 2 Reef Runners, ALL OF FOLLOWING ARE NEW: 8 bomber crankbaits, floating and a suspending Shad-R, rattle trap, forget it.....there are TOO many cranks to list.
    tons of bobbers in different sizes/styles. Some new bucktail jigs, beads, clevis' and blades to make harnesses, 1/4 jigs in a variety of colors/styles some with built in rattles, two large fuzzy grub/jigs, 2/0 gamakatsu offset worm hooks, 2/0 eagle claw featherlite worm hooks, Gamakatsu wide gap worm hooks, several other sizes/styles of hooks, tons of new Zoom soft plastics, as well as berkeley and others, new Little Joe rigs still in package. Some spinnerbaits and buzzbaits too.

    Many things not listed. This could get any body started in fishing or add to your tackle supply. Most of the items in the box have never hit the water, some have. I don't fish for bass very much anymore, it just sits in my house and doesn't get used.

  2. Do you still have the diawa procaster and rod for $40

  3. Bottombouncer where are you located we need to get together. I also have a ton of stuff ,trade or I'll just some or all off need to see it . ;) :rolleyes:
  4. Back to the top........

    Just to give an idea of the how much is in the tackle box.........over 60 crankbaits!!!!!!!! Atleast half are new/un-used.
  5. Hey BB i might have a buddy who is interested in the corsair. Is it in good condition and do you have the original handle for it?
  6. I do have the original handle, but I replaced it because it was bent. I added the livebait handle instead on an original because I use it for cats more than anything else.
  7. Alright, well ill let my buddy know about it. He said something about getting a new setup for musky fishing this year. So ill let you know. Any idea how much it would cost to replace the original handle because it would be better for casting for skies?
  8. I'm sure any store that carries Shimano parts will have one. It doesn't have to be the corsair handle, all 400 size Shimano baitcasters fit the same handle.
  9. Hey BB sorry if i got your hopes up but apparently my buddy just bought an Abu 6500 c3 about 2 weeks ago. I tried to sell it for ya though.
  10. No big deal.......I don't have to sell it. I just don't use it very much. It might get some use towards the end of March for early channels.
  11. Daiwa & Quantum baitcasters are sold.
  12. I'd like to get together and see what you have left to get rid of? Let me know when is a good time?
  13. Sorry I haven't got back to you in about 163 years:eek: :rolleyes: :p I still have the corsair, penn and a bunch of tackle.
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