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Using someone elses tag

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Thunderflight, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. Someone else posted this topic was posted on the white tail forum of bowsite.

    Would you check in a deer that you killed with someone elses tag?

    Down here in SC it's not an issue because you can kill two deer a day (you need that many just to make a sandwich). Back home in Ohio I know a few that have shot deer and used someone elses tag it. When I lived in Maryland it was pretty much the same way.

    Most of the time it's for a land owner or friend who doesn't hunt, but like's deer meat. If that is the case then I personnally don't have an issue with it.

    I do think it's wrong when you get your wife or five year old to tag in a deer so you can shoot another.

    I've never heard of anyone getting in trouble for having a landowner tag one it, but I have heard of people getting hammered over having a non hunting family member (ie: wife or kid) tag one it.


    ps: I have never done this either.
  2. I know of people who do it all the time, have several family members buy tags then use them on others deer....:(

  3. party hunting as they call it is illegal and does not exclude landowners even though many think they don't need to obey this law.its pure greed and they are stealing animals from law abiding hunters.i have seen this in every gun hunting camp on private land where i hunted.i did not gun hunt there happens on public land too.there are slobs out there that cannot pass on a decent buck so they shoot it,tag it with anothers tag and not satisfied with that buck ,go hunting for a bigger one.this way they can't lose.happens all the time.i know of a guy that takes 5- 10 bucks but it can't be proved.
  4. Its illegal and should be inforced OR they should set up tag tranfer system like they have in NY. A hunter can sign a tag over to another person BEFORE animal is hunted.
  5. Way I see it, if tagging is required and the animal is tagged who cares? I know the law and the law is in place for a reason, nonetheless a tag is a tag.
  6. It is illegal in ohio and should be enforced to the fullist.I think you should be responsible for your kill,if you shoot a 4 pointer or a small 8 pointer you should live with that deer, you should not just go out and shoot every buck you see and then think all well he's not big enough for my standers so i will tag this one on my wifes tag that doesn't even hunt.You are allowed one buck and thats it so if your after a big buck then pass upthose little one.just my two cents worth.
  7. do any of you know why party hunting is not legal in Ohio?. I agree that a man should not shoot a buck, see it is small and decide to have another person tag it so he can continue to hunt. I dont understand why it is not legal for a person to harvest a deer for a friend or relative that enjoys venison but is not able to harvest for themselves. I dont participate in party hunting. I would if it were legal. As it is I simply share a lot of my venison with landowners and friends who like it, luckily this year nearly all friends and family were succesful, so I got to keep most of my meat!
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  8. Anyone who thinks it is OK should move to another state and quit "STEALING OUR DEER AND HURTING OUR DEER HERD"

    Don't even attempt to call yourself sportsman around me...
    If you want more deer meat hunt in areas or states where you can harvest more... :mad:
  9. I dont do it....But i think whatever is goin on...there sure isnt a Deer Herd problem in Ohio.
  10. Party Hunting

    Stacker and Brock,
    I hunt in Wisconsin evry year in addittion to Ohio. Party hunting is allowed in Wis. It is meant as a herd management tool as they have an abundance of deer. What party hunting also does is ultimately hurt the quality of the herd. Guys don't think twice about popping a spike or fork,knowing that if they see another "nice" buck, they can just use there buddy's tag. Obviously ,those spikes will never reach their potential, thus diminishing the number of mature bucks.
    I hope Ohio will always be able to control the number of deer and maintain quality without having to allow party hunting. Sounds strange, but in a few years I think we could actualy need alot more deer hunters in Ohio. Overall, i think the Ohio DNr does a great job.
  11. Interesting perspective Andy. As I stated I dont participate in Illegal party hunting. I also dont shoot baby bucks. I know a lot of people shoot young bucks and I hate to see a young buck die in my hunting area. I hadnt thought about even more young bucks being shot due to party hunting. I appreciate your input.
  12. Poaching takes many forms. It might be using someone elses tag, spotlighting or shooting a deer a few minutes before or after legal shooting hours. I don't see any difference in shooting an extra deer on a party hunt or spotlighting one in the summer time. One is just as illegal as the other. Any one who shoots a deer illegally is a poacher. The laws are cut and dried about what is legal and what is not. I have turned poachers in before and I will do it again given the opportunity. If you are going to do it, you had best be looking over your shoulder afterwards.
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    AMEN BROTHER... if you don't understand now you never will :(

    If everyone tags that extra deer or uses whatever excuse they want when using someone elses tag then the deer herd would not be as healthy as it is now... just takes a tiny wee bit of thinking to understand why the law is the law...
  14. Well said, to both Arrow & atrurkey huntr!! A poacher is a poacher No matter how some try to suger coat it!! Pike
  15. I thought it was legal to use a landowner's deer damage permits here in Ohio? I will call this week to find out for sure.:confused:

    There are 5 members in my family that hunt. We use our own tags for the deer we each take personally.
  16. Hey Nut thats apples and oranges there bud ;)

    Deer damage permits are just that and deer tags are another item all together...
  17. Oh okay... I get confused sometimes;) :D alot more lately

    (health issues happining with me right now):(
  18. I don't agree with party hunting. In fact, I don't really have to worry about it because I've never shot one, but I still don't have to agree with it. I don't think people should be allowed to just run around the woods and shoot any deer that walks by just because someone else wants it. That is just my personal opinion, however, and can be subjected to ridicule as you wish.
  19. Hey Nut you take care now!!! I have had a couple real bad years and know things do get better :)
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