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Using a deer feeder in Ohio ?

Discussion in 'Questions about Ohio Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by danman, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. I receieved a Deer Feeder for Christmas. My question is
    Can i legeally use it to watch deer and other wildlife , on my own property?

  2. What exactly is a feeder, any pictures?
  3. I believe a feeder is a hopper on a stand that throws out feed at timed intervals
  4. Does anyone have a picture or better yet, a video of one?
  5. check for pictures of a feeder.

    Basicly is a container that has a small mototr attached that dispenses food at timed intervials.
  6. Thanks, I'll be sure to check that out.
  7. How about salt blocks, are they legal to hunt over, and do they draw much deer?
  8. They do. We put them out for our cattle on the farm and I'm always seeing deer licking on them.;)
  9. You can hunt around salt blocks but why I'll never know :confused:
    They may attract deer but not often enough to warrant placing stand sites near them... The best use of salt blocks in my opinion is to draw deer into your mineral plots/sites ;)

    When using any type of feeder for deer make sure you purchase corn that is deer labeled. Some corn that is for cattle can be sold to feed catle but not deer due to small amounts of bacteria in the corn :eek:
    Ask your supplier for details they will know;)
  10. The herd will benifit from salt but they are usually done with it before season starts. Antler growth and nursing does.