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UPDATE! Savage Axis, 30-06

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by BooHiveBrother#3, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Got it yesterday at cabelas. The new Savage Axis in 30-06. I went ahead and put that walmart centerpoint scope on it. I really couldn't have asked for anything better. I also put that winchester bipod on it (also from walmart, for around 30 bucks). Here everything is. I'm really pleased.


    First here's the scope. Really isn't that bad. Feels sturdy, heavier than H E double hocky sticks, nice and solid too. 1 mil dot=2MOA @100. I found that odd but hey, it'll see use as a mil dot reticle.



    Now the gun itself. Before anyone tries to criticize this group, remember that this was a first firing, sighting in. I really wasn't bearing down and being real strict about breath and heartbeat and all that jazz, which ended me up with a 3 inch four shot group. I will say not the best of groups, but it'll get better, I guarantee it. I really like the weight of the gun. Extremely lite at 6.5 pounds. add the scope and the bipod it's probably running about 1lb-1 1/2lb more. Another thing I really like is the silky smooth action. Very nice. One more thing I noticed was the recoil. It was more like a gentle push than a kick. probably because of the nice soft butt pad and the added weight. Anyways I'll stop rambling and get these pictures on here. Questions/ comments welcomed.



    I'm not gonna do a whole lot of target shooting for a while though. At least not until we get a reloader. Shouldn't be too long.
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  2. Good luck with your gun.


  3. What happend? That group aint to good.

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  4. Read! Lol. I was just sighting in quickly. Wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to breathing and heartbeat, etc. Next time that I acually target shoot I'll put up some groups.
  5. That's the gun I wanted to buy, however Walmart had the wrong label on the box and I ended up with the .308 win. I work at Walmart and we are suppose to check everything to make sure it is right because of the NO RETURNS on guns policy. The associate said it was indeed the 30-06, but it wasn't:mischeif::mischeif::mischeif:. Was upset about this, but very pleased with my savage axis .308 win and the 1 inch 200 yard groups!!
  6. I read it, I was just messin with ya.

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  7. Sounds good to me! :D
  8. Oh... um.. thanks.. lol