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Ugly Game

Discussion in 'Ohio Buckeyes' started by RGJZ06, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. We're not looking very good against Cal.

  2. Game was ugly today but the Buckeyes still won 35-28 and there were a few bright spots today like signs of life from the passing game that was absent the other 2 games this year and the play of Christian Bryant in the secondary today was outstanding.

  3. Must wrap up and tackle. Those backs were slipping out of the weak arm tackles

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  4. An ugly win is better than an outstanding loss. The defensive line looked much better with some sacks and a bunch of hurries. Last week our secondary looked like the Keystone Cops. While not playing error free, they even looked better. They need to wrap up their man instead of going for a big hit. It's almost like they are forgetting about the basics. Less flash and more basic play. If they do that, the wins will take care of themselves. OSU has a lot of talent and that's exciting.

    Go Bucks

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  5. Was telling my dad that it was an UGLY win, he reads the Orlando Sentinal during the winter; how the sports writer's ripped up Urban Meyer in the
  6. They don't much care for him here. The writers here are not that good, always trashing someone. Sports down here leave a lot to be desired. I can't put my finger on what their problem is, they bash everyone.

  7. one thang i notice about urby...unlike tressel he aint like a politition...urby fires back immediately to the sports writers...where ole tressel spoke slowly choosing to say the exact correct a polytion does...i never liked that about him...i dont care for polytitions...say what you really feel...urby does that...and yep itll get him in more hot water...but its honest...:biggrin:
  8. I rarely point out referee's, but it's tough to beat a good ohio team at ohio stadium when your going against the zebra's too. It's bad when Spielman sides with Cal on most of those calls

  9. Whatever. Shouldn't you be in church right now
  10. Yes, I heard Spielman say that too. I didn't know if he was going for the Area 51 deal or Bush set explosives in the twin towers, you know, I still believe in the Easter Bunny thing. Statements like that against any official or crew is slander. As we all know, the calls can go against you or for you depending on your view or should I say the officals view. Those plays are happening pretty fast and I'm sure I would flub some calls as well.

  11. ha i get a big laugh when our announcers are trying to make a good call a bad one,,,its not officiating thats so bad its these biased announcers and if the jerseys are changed they holler the other way...hows an official ever right...its a shame people cant blame themselves for a bad game or a loss,i really believe urby has concerns with this team...theyre not playing that great of competetion and they should be doing lots better...the big ten could be brutal...hopefully they continue to beat the teams thats usually less then them...but they need to win the games theyre not suppose to...alabama would crush this team if they played now...and the officials wouldnt be the reason for the outcome...poor calls equal out...:D
  12. Good post. I'm kind of excited about what I've seen out of them so far. A new coach, new system, young players and they are winning. It was ugly for sure and yes it will get harder as we go into Big Ten schedule. We would be crash test dummy's against the Roll Tide boys. Give them some time and who knows. I like their heart, you can't coach that.

  13. i agree they can only get better...another thang they doan need to try to build one player up and make him great...theres guys in that backfield that can run that ball better and they need to get them more involved...its great to have a qb that adds another problem to the defense but you need the other backs causing a threat too...if theyre runnin options this qb should be pitchin the ball at least half the time and to keep him healthy and not hurt he should be pitchin it most of the time...he's definately no help hurt and on the bench...:biggrin:
  14. I still think ohio wins regardless. But some of those calls were crazy. I was 1 UM fan in a room with 4 ohio fans and trust me, they were laughing and joking the whole time about the calls all going their way
  15. Were the Ohio fans laughing at the Marshall game? I'm confused.

    Ugly win, lucky win, in my opinion. Cal owned the 2nd half, plain and simple. State was a blown coverage away from OT or potentially a loss.

    The Big Ten flat out sucks right now. All around. It's sad to see it. Sparty got housed at home by ND, Cal almost beat OSU, Penn St is a mess, Wisconsin is falling off, Nebraska is unpredictable, nagihcim is nothing special, what is left? Does anyone in the conference deserve to be top 15 right now? Seriously, the Big Ten was eliminated from BCS title contention by Week dang sad is that? :nono:

  16. Now that OSU is out of the picture for this year on a national level, everyone else is left tripping all over themselves. This is everyone's chance to take the spotlight but no one seems like they wanna be that team. Michigan can still easily save face because they got beat by a darn good team.
  17. I bet you never felt better hanging out with Buckeye fans. What more could a guy ask for Do you find it odd rooting for Michigan when living in Ohio or is there a good reason you find Michigan so endearing. Some of my Ottawa friends who root for Michigan had family that played for them.
  18. All right. For the last time. You guys do a 4 person little thing where each person makes a letter that forms o-h-i-o. I never seen 2 more people forming s-t. Secondly, your fight song is Carmen ohio isn't it? And doesnt your band form the "script ohio"? Also, this very forum we are communicating on right now is called "ohio buckeyes". I can't make this stuff up. This forum should be the first thing you ohio fans should fix:whistle:
  19. Ahh, the Nienbergs I'm guessing? Do you root for every team from ohio in every sport or are you a Michigan fan? I root for the Browns, But Im a diehard Chicago Bears fan. I love the Tigers, Mets, and Redwings. My Dad is a Michigan fan. Really, my older cousin was a stud DL in high school in the early 80's. He had offers from all the big boys (ND, UM, OSU, etc..). He grew up a Buckeye fan but as he got older and started getting recruited he began admiring UM and BO more and more and was actually gonna sign with them. But near the end of his Sr. season of football my Uncle died and he decided to stay at home to run their dairy farm. He always roots for UM to this day. I've tried a few times to take him on my dime to a game but he won't. Im guessing it hurts a little. He doesn't live near here anymore either which makes it tough. I imagine someday him and I walking in the Big House together his first time and just taking it all in. So, that more than anything is probably why I root for UM
  20. I dont root for anyone specific, I just like to watch the game. Bad calls upset me, regardless of who is playing or winning/losing.

    I love reading this forum, you guys crack me up. This is pretty good entertainment. Being stationed away from home, I dont get to sit with all of my friends and listen to them bicker during the games or argue about the latest news on Sportscenter. My brother is away on active duty also, and he really gets into sports during basketball season and football season. Reading this forum reminds me of home and sitting with my friends and family during the games. Its a small connection that makes me laugh.


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