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Types of Carp....

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by rrbski, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. Contrary to the thinking of many people (from a biological standpoint)...goldfish, grass carp, big head carp, buffalo etc. are not related to carp.

    Common carp, mirror carp, leather carp and koi are however the same fish....and all started as common carp.

    Common carp is the one we're most familiar with. The monks when spreading Christianity took carp with them from place to place to raise in their monistery (sp)? ponds for the purposes of a food source. If you've ever caught a carp with "missing" or "no" scales (some people seeing this think...sick carp in bad water)....they were bred this way. Monks didn't like scaling them so bred scales off of them. The mirror carp will have irregular sized scales or be missing a lot of scales...a leather will have no scales.

    Koi were bred to have the "colors" they have and were more used for show/ponds.

    If left alone long enough in the same waters and all these fish were to breed with common carp...not with another mirror or leather...eventually the dominant gene of the common carp will work it's way back out and the others will disappear.

    Point of trivia...carp have been recorded to live in excess of 50 years...a very commonplace thing in the UK where carp are caught repeatedly....but, the practice of very safe "on the bank" treatment is practiced. This will sometimes include medication.....carping is big business there and in most parts of Europe. Many carp (the bigger one's) have even been given names and kids grow up with the goal of catching the same fish dad or granddad caught.
  2. Great info. rrbski as always!

    I thought for sure that goldfish and grass carp were related to the carp..learn something new every day.

    Bob, how "common" are the mirrors in our waters? i have only caught maybe two in my life, both were under 10lbs. from DeerCreek.
    What abot Kio, i thought i saw somewhere a few pictures of some nice mirrors & Kio caught at one of the C.A.G.'s big outtings, maybe the D.C. Fish'ins?
    I also heard from a carp angler we both know, that his wife landed a 32lb Mirror a few weeks after the last years East Harbor outting in that same cove we were fishing. Did anyone else record catching a mirror that whole weekend of the outting?

  3. Nice... I've never seen one without scales...
  4. I've caught a few small mirrors, but never a leather. All but one of them came from Stonelick (the other at Pymatuning).
  5. I've caught a couple here at Buckeye Lake...largest went 14 lbs, also caught one at East Harbor last year and 1 at Alum Creek year before last. They seem to be in pockets...some waters have lots...some have a few to none. The initial order that the U.S made to Europe for carp to stock had a mix of carp...states ordered by type for stocking.

    Here's a pic from the Washington DC 2002 CAG Event...Phil S. caught it at just over 17 lbs. Earlier in the year a 30 was caught there too.

  6. Great Picture Bob

    now why are "commons" mostly long and slender..and "Mirrors" & "Leathers" short and it just genetics ?

    I see some of the pictures of English fish and i know thier fish are mostly short and very heavy..while ares are not...some of those fish look so round that it seems it would limit thier swiming and fighting abilitys? but after seing some of the American Mirrors they look just like the English ones..just not as big;)
  7. I have seen several mirrors or leathers in Alum Creek lake. ;)
  8. Hi Scott....yes, it's the genetics...there is a common carp breed called the "king" carp...which is bigger bodied. Some of those were also part of the initial stockings.

    All the mirrors I've caught have been the streamlined versions. Funny, when fishing with a group of UK anglers on the St Lawrence River last year....they called the carp "underweight"...the other thing that was funny was they are used to being able to "lock" down their drags to hold carp out of snags etc....anytime they tried this (with their high breaking strain braided lines)...they couldn't :) I just joked back with them saying our fish weren't underweight....they were "top conditioned" athletes. :D
  9. Good thread RRBSKI----Never seen a mirror or leather come out of the eastern lakes or Ohio River and Lord knows we've got our share of 'em---good to learn sumpin new!----TF
  10. Bob..LOL

    Good show on defending our "skinny"

    That same thing holds true for anglers that have never caught RIVER fish of many species..they are'nt like thier lazy lake brothers..they are built to fight against the current...i love to see the look on ones face when they first set the hook into a wild river carp...after catching them in lakes..they arent prepared for the battle thier going to

    Thats the main reason i bought the 13ft 3lb TC Fox rods..i will certainly do lake carpin with the CAG guys, but a lot of my carpin will be done on rivers...and a 20lb + river carp can sure scream a drag and pull ya were it wants to go(ie snag, rocks, ect) so i wanted a rod that will handle strong fish that can run out into heavier current and play your tackle out!

    Hey and thanks for the education of the genetics thing..i learn something new everytime you post! Keep up the teachin(im taking
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