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Tying Desk?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying / Fly Fishing' started by troutbum, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Now that I've been slowly getting more tying stuff, I can't just keep my stuff in a box anymore.:mischeif: I need a desk/table to keep my vice on permanently, and a place to organize my stuff. I'm a keep it simple guy, and as much as I'd like a roll top tying desk- at this point I just want to have it organized and on the cheap.

    I still don't have a ton of material, I'm just sick of dragging a box of stuff to kitchen table to tie something, then have to put it all away.

    What advice do the pro tiers on here have?
  2. This is my current setup, which is working well for me.


    Obviously I have a chair, it's just not in the picture. The vast majority of my materials are in the tower of storage drawers on the right, the rest in the containers under the desk. The desk is a small wooden desk that used to belong to my parents and they wanted rid of it, so I made it my tying desk. I need some sort of tool caddy or some way of organizing my tools, but other than that, I am happy with it.

  3. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Pre-Roll top Desk I worked similar to Cream's deal there. I roller set of drawers and a couple large rubber made bins with the stuff organized in smaller bins that that all fit neatly in the larger ones. Then I just had a makeshift table that I tied at. Biggest thing is having something that you can keep the bugs out of it. I'm kind of spoiled now and have an entire space, and am getting ready to upgrade my storage area one more notch here in the next week or two when I have time to stop and re-organize a little. :)
  4. I would be happy with a set-up like Cream's but I have seen some DIY stuff online to keep all your tools in, so if I can't find a roll top, I'll stick with a small table. I have a cat, and she is something of an acrobat, and I would have to keep her from getting into hooks and stuff.

    What do I have to do about bugs?
  5. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    The cat was teh main reason for my roll top. stupid thing could grab a calk tail and run in the time I could turn my head!

    As for bugs I didn't do anything for YEARS and then I pulled out bin of misc. feathers one day and POW dead feathers! At that point I vowed never again and was just happy it wasn't hackle! I use the moth ball sachette packets. They're much easier to manage than having loose moth balls in amongst you're stuff and they seem to be pretty much 100% reliable. I tried cedar but I'm don't have the same confidence in it as there was cedar in some of the other stuff I had at the time that I lost the feathers.
  6. Just a side note, you can find some pretty cheap roll tops on in the $40 - $100 range. You could also do a bread box desk which essentially is putting legs on one of the old roll top bread boxes. If you really want to keep it cheap Home Depot sells pine and poplar boards and you could use premade legs. I think the roll tops will cost about the same though and you will have more time to tye and less time building. I am using a larger computer desk with some sterilite drawers and boxes. It does well but I don't have a cat and my wife has pretty much given up on trying to talk me into slimming down on my tying gear. Hope it works out for you.