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I'm looking to sell two real nice Catfish combo's, outstanding casting distance and good power, easilly overmatching any channel and putting you in the game for flatheads.
9 foot ugly stick big water spinning rod matched with a shakespeare Alpha spinning reel, pristine like new, no scratches or any problems whatsoever.
9 foot Cabella's King Kat pro model spinning rod, matched with a Shakespere Intrepid salmon reel.
The Alpha reel is graphite and the big water rod is 15-30lb test and 1-4 oz casting.
The Intrepid has 4 ball bearings and the Cabella rod is also 15-30 test and able to cast 1-4 oz.
Both have fast tips with heavy duty butt sections, perfect for catfishing.

I'm asking $40 for the Alpha combo, (the rod alone is retailed for $55)
I'm asking $35 for Cabella/Intrepid Combo (the rod is a $40 retail and the reel is 45 new)
I'm willing to deal if you want both, if you like big spinning reels for cats you cannot do any better than these two.
I've caught a 33lb flathead on the intrepid without problem and a 21 on the Alpha, so they can handle the work.
I'm only selling them because personally I like my baitcasters, there in such good condition someone might as well grab em and start nailing some big cats
By the way, they are two piece rods, and they cast farther than you'll ever need too, I use them in the Ohio River where really long casting is needed.

Go ahead and reply, or email me at [email protected]
You dont' have to live near me, I'm willing to meet someone or come up with some other arrangement
I put my reputation on the line here as a tournament catfishing machine, I'm not selling junk here.


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Crappielooker, I'd be surprised if you can remember anything from that night at Deer Creek, HAHHAHAHA
As for me, I can't believe I'm socializing with Grey Panthers. I guess it's time for the the catfish mafia to reach out. LOL
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