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I went to Turtle Creek this morning in Ottawa County, OH. To give you a rough idea of where I was, it's about 20 miles or so east of Toledo. I got there about 7AM armed with minnows, nightcrawlers, and waxworms which I didn't use or plan to really. It was a mixed bag of sorts. I mean I did have a few bites on both minnows and crawlers, but nothing to show for it. Yes, I got skunked unfortunately. The reason I say it was a mixed bag was the silver lining I'm choosing to use because I did have bites, it was the first time I fished there in a couple years, I had opportunity to try some things there I hadn't done in a while.
To go into detail, I started off the morning there with minnows, something I've only used there once but did catch a nice 4 lb. carp and hooked into several good sized fish as did the guy I was fishing with. One pole I used today was my heavy action off the bottom, as was my medium action pole, both with minnows. I did get a few cleans to go with the bites I got, but the bait was cleaned before I got to setting the hook. I tried a couple different sized hooks with no difference, I was still whiffing on the hook sets when I got to setting the hook.
After a couple hours I did try something different concerning my heavy action pole. I took the sinker off, put a bobber on, put on a second hook and rigged it with a bit of nightcrawler on both hooks. I did get a bite on that set up, with the emphasis on "a bite" on the bottom hook, to show that bottom feeding was the way to go still. This "a bite" occurred in shallow water, I'd say a couple feet or so of water. I eventually did re-rig that pole back to bottom fishing, and took out my lighter action pole with a bobber with a minnow but nothing was taking it. I was mostly casting that in the vicinity of this weed patch that isn't real thick and heavy with plants. I did see a heron catching baitfish in this area as well as a couple splashes I think were bass. I also did try a couple different lures in this area with no luck. One lure was a gold colored rooster tail and another was a white minnow that I believe has a 7/8 ounce jighead.
Speaking of slashes, I did see a couple carp jumping, some other splashing along the shoreline that I think could be bass, and a couple surface shots of what I think may have been longnose gars, but if they were they weren't real big.
For me, this was as much of a scouting day as it was a fishing day. It had been a couple years since I had fished there and even then it had only been a couple times that I had fished there, so I'm still kinda getting used to the place. Not making excuses on my end why I got skunked, but for me personally I like getting a feel of a place as I go. I do think there at the spot I was fishing that I'm slowly but surely getting there. Anybody know what I mean when I say that?
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