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Turkey calls.....

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by Ðe§perado™, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. I like the mouth calls I have two one is a single the other is a double. I also use a push button box call. But I love the sound from the diapham calls best. I think I spelled it wrong. The turkeys seem to love the sound. They respond better to them. I think they are louder. So the seem to hear them better. Just my 2 cents.:rolleyes:

  2. I don't use mouth calls, I almost gaged to death once and I said that was enough. I use mostly glass and slate calls. I change the pitch with different strikers and different pressure. But finding the bird I use my crow call and on private land I use my box call.
  3. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Too many toys

    I prefer my box, then a slate. I started using diaphram calls this year after practicing with them for the past two or three and wouldn't you know I hit a sour note right as a pair of toms stepped up onto a rise 45 yards away. They walked off parallel and never came any close. :rolleyes: Did manage to call a tom in to 20 yards with my slate but spooked as my dad tried to get his barrel pointed over to it.
  4. It's tough hunting turkey with a partner. You have to make a plan and stick with it. Hunting by yourself you call all the shots.
  5. Steve

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  6. I use box and slate calls. Also use a crow call for a locator call.

    The box call I use for long range calling and the slate for close up.

    Had a push/pull call I liked but my boys took it apart trying to make one of their own.:(
  7. I use several box calls, my favorite is one by L. Graves.
    I use a double push button call as well.
    I can tune each side different and sound like a couple of hens purring and cluckin at the same time.Sometime I hold my call under a piece of camo cloth to muffle the sound, seems to work close in.
  8. None

    For some reason I havent had to use one.. Gotten one the last 2 years but never called once. Must just be a really good area. I know 2 places I go if I dont see a turkey then I hear them.. They are always neat to watch though. Ill be watching this post more because I may not always be so lucky lol
  9. zfish, please teach me that. it will save alot of money on calls.;)
  10. Steve

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  11. Noticed that A-way have a free gear giveaway each month.;)
  12. I'm going to send in a card. Anyone else going to enter?;)