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I have high hopes of getting out to Pa or MI for a weekend later this month. I took advantage of the beautiful weather to hit the Clearfork this morning.

I got to the river early and tied on a tandem nymph rig. I thought I'd give that a shot while I looked for rises. It didn't take long for a few caddis to get in the air. Shortly after, I started to see a few splashy rises. Before I knew it, there were caddis everywhere and trout dimpling the water all over. The caddis were small and I didn't have anything to quite match them. I'd guess they were 16. During the peak of the hatch, I couldn't buy a strike. However, the fish must've got less choosy when there was less to choose from. As the hatch dwindled, I started to get a few takes and was lucky enough to land a few. (I am terrible at bringing in fish without the benefit of the reel and drag)

Slowly, but surely, the hatch ended and the rises al but disappeared. I went back to nymphing and caught a few more. When the sun got high, the fishing slowed and I went searching for fish. I was able to land a few suckers, some bluegill and a rock bass. Every now and then, I'd see a sulfur, or a similar looking mayfly. I couldn't stay for an evening hatch. All in all, a great trip and hopefully a nice primer for the upcoming trip.

elk hair caddis

My new secret weapon for suckers is hellgramites. I hadn't had any luck with the trout for a couple hours when i came upon a run theat was full of suckers. After drifting my nymphs past a few times I looked through my vest for something to try. I tied on the hellgramite and caught one on my second drift. I landed 3 in about 30 drifts.
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