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Trotlines and bank lines

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by Caribou Dreamer2, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. Is there any body out there that runs these types of lines?
    I have a few question to ask new to this and was wondering if someone could give me the laws on trotlines as to what type of water they can be set in and how many hooks can be set on one rig also how many set can you put out at one time it states three is this three per person or per boat .I have read the odnr page on this topic but it is very vague.It states they can set in a stream whats the diffenernce between a river and a stream is it just the size of the body of water?any help and tips would be appriciated before i head out.Thanks for the help
  2. Per license....

    I think that's 3 per license....have to be tagged with your name, etc. We ran some once, single lines, all we caught was empty hooks. The fish stole the baits. We wanted to try some real shallow on stumps & stuff to see what we'd catch. All for C&R but never caught anything. It was alot of work too, especially going back & gettiing all the lines back in the dark.:(
    I would like to see what a trot line would produce, but I've talked to some comercial fisherman & they say a big flathead will roll & get alot of hooks caught in him & I wouldn't want to hurt a fish like that.
    I'll stick to rod & reel, might try floating some jugs sometime. Saw that in a Willie Nelson video where he was singing & fishing....drifting some jugs & drifting in their boat too. Never did get any fish though. Bet it might be fun near some stripers. I'd just like to see what it would produce, free lining a big live shad. Then chasing down the jug & releasing the fish. I probably will never do it, but I bet it would be fun.
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  3. Hay mrfish thanks for the response, was wondering if any body does this type of fish any more.Will let you know how things go this spring will give it a try and see what we catch.There will be no live bait on the hooks only wheetie ball,You should know what the targeted species is from that clue ,not into the catfish end.Thanks again
  4. I do set out trot lines during the year and use yoyo's also. But fish nasty put up the link I was going to share with you. Maybe we can hook up and go out and set a few.
  5. That sound good tome i live in the Indian Lake area and run the little miami river.Desperado you are the guy i was looking for .Can you set them in any body of water as in lakes,Also i read the odnr page that you guys sent me but it states you can set them in a stream,Can you tell me if rivers are ok to set them the little miami river.We would like to set out some rigs while we head back to our carp shooting honey hole then on the way back out we will check the lines.The lines themselves will only be in the water a couple of hours.Do you think they will need to be in the water longer,Also it never stated that you could not us trebles on trotline are they legal.If so what size singlehook do you us #4 good.So if i have two people in a boat the we could set up to 6 rigs right. Thanks again.
  6. We'll get together and I'll show an easy way to do it. I take it you bowfish?
  7. I live for bowfishing,Spring spawn is like the whitetail rut to me.Ok i will take you up on the offer.What part of ohio are you from are you close to Indian lake or Bellefontaine area(logan county)Have you tried bow fishing before me and a buddy have a boat all rigged up and ready to go come spring again.We were just looking for something else to do will we were floating around all day looking for carp and i mention maybe running some trotlines to kill some time while the carp are hiding.WE have six rigs hooked up with floats on each end then a lead line that goes down the lines on the markers wtih hooks aobut 25 per line,We are going to put in wheetie balls on to see if we could get some of those monster carp that swim by us that we could not shoot.
  8. Am I reading this correctly -- you want to set a trotline for carp??? Never heard of that before. Doesn't seem to me that it would work too well, at least not as well as for cats. I would think carp would just suck the bait off without getting hooked, and if one did manage to get hooked, I would think the hook would tear out of its soft mouth. Seeing as how they're such a smart, superior fish, I think they'd be tough to fool :D . Who knows though, maybe I'd be surprised. Let me know how it works out.

    I used to run trotlines with a friend of mine in the East Fork Little Miami River. We'd catch lots of channel cats and turtles. We just did it for fun, released everything. I don't really know anything about the regulations, though.
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  9. hey this Q2XL i am CARIBOU DREAMERS carp shootin buddy.would like to hook up with some other guys that shoot he said the spring spawn for carp is like the whitetail rut for us.we have a boat called the carp buster and it is rigged for carp bustin.we have areas for a lot of 8 to 10 lb ones but are tryin to figure where to go for the real big ones.were talkin 20+pounders.any help would be appreciated.
  10. I live for bowfishing!! Though it makes some of the carp worshipers upset. I have a Lowe 16 ft. jon boat I use for bowfishing carp and catching catfish. It's name is "Mud Shark" I just sponsered a bowfishing Tournament last summer called "Buckeye Classic" I'm still checking into starting a bowfishing club here in Ohio. I do know places to get #20 plus carp. Maybe we can hook up and go stick a few.

    cwcarper, he ment to set the trot lines for cats while waiting for the carp to come back around.
  11. Guys, I can't give you my hotspots, because I'm one of those carp worshipers that cries when people shoot them :( :rolleyes: :D .

    What do you guys do with them after you shoot them :D (Just kidding, a little joke with Desperado.)

    I know Erie has the biggest population of jumbo carp around Ohio, but I don't know anything about bowfishing there.
  12. sounds like a plan desperado.would like to hook up and go after some big ones
  13. I know some areas at erie that hold the #20-#30 lb'ers during the spawn. Thats a good one cw. :D That really got some feathers ruffled in that thread....LOL :D :D