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Trolling for wipers?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. Thinking about giving it a try at Buckeye this year. I plan to trolling shad, shad-raps, Yo-Zuri's and Lucky Crafts. Also might drag some jig/grubs along the bottom.

    How do you guys prefer to fish for wipes?
  2. BB

    I prefer to fish for them where in comfortable..RIVERS..mostly below tailwaters when thier bustin on shad and skipjacks.
    I have a sweet combo i havent broken out going to this spring(if the dang weather acts right this time?) last year was a bad spring and fishing the pre spawn fish below the tailwaters on the Ohio r. wasnt good until June, then they all moved out soon after to spawn(or in the Hybrids case TRY to spawn).
    If you want real info. on Buckeye lake Wipers, give Rick Seevers a shout, he knows how and can set you up with others out there who troll for them too.
    Im stocked to the gills with Hybid striper baits and im die'in to try them out!!! Hope to get one on top water out about 100 yrds + so i can see what those Cinn. guys talk about all the time!

  3. thanks for the referal scott,but i'm no expert on trolling for them:rolleyes: or even catching them:D .but i'll give up what i can.i don't troll much for them,but i'd go with the s-raps,r-traps and maybe try some other cranks.mostly shallow runners.drifting or bottomfishing chicken livers is one of the best ways to get 'em in the lake.casting shallow running s-raps before the spawn,from liebs island to journal in the 2-5 foot water should work.i think they move around and can be found almost anywhere later.for trolling deeper water,later in the season,i might even try trolling silver or firetiger vibes.i havent tried that myself,but will this year,as i've caught white bass at hoover with that methiod and think it might work.there are a few guys from GFO who chase them more than me and might be able to give you some more pointers.electroman,willeycat and patriot are some.i'm not speaking for them,but just know they fish for the wipers with pretty good success.i do have one other tidbit if you want to shoot me a's no secret spot so to speak,and it's kinda common knowledge with a lot of people but i just don't talk about it on the boards,if ya know what i mean.;)
  4. Thanks for the info, i'll drop a PM your way.......
  5. Ive had some good luck trolling bottom bouncer with about 7' leader with circle hook, blood bait in color. Usually use livers, and the electric real real slow!
  6. oops,i goofed

    meant to put this here earlier amd hit the wrong button.

    electric drifting
    hey jason,good trick there.i've been thinking of going to circles for liver,if i can just keep it on the hook when casting(with baitcasters).drifting or slow trolling should pretty much eliminate that problem though.the way those fish hit,circles should work great.we'll have to hook up and try to fool them at buckeye this spring.
  7. hey Rick what's going on next Sat.? Want to go and do something. Maybe take a drive to the lakes. ;)
  8. saturday?

    i'm only sure about one thing,if the weather doesn't get in the way.that's fishing;)
  9. Rick, I can do that!! Ive only found one problem with the circle hooks, sometimes the stripers fight so hard, that rips the corner of their mouth and of course loose the fish. That happend maybe 1 out of 15 times. I guess everyone needs to loose a fish every now and then. Just alawys seems to be the BIG ONES that get away!! LOL :D
  10. They need to put some hybrids in that would be a complete fishery! There's TONS of shad in that place!

    I'm gonna hit the Alum cats hard this year. I have a perfect spot picked out to try for flatties.......I know there has to be some in there........and if there are they are underfished! If that doesn't work out, then those hefty Alum channels are always an option.
    So many new things to try this year. Drifting large shad, chubs and suckers for musky will be worked in also.

    I'm anticipating a good year!!!!!!!
  11. jason

    loosen your drag:D ;) i/15 ain't bad.that's no worse than my average for breakoffs with 8 pound line:rolleyes: ;) but it just wouldn't feel right if ya didn't lose the battle now and then:D ;)
  12. Rick, Took a guy out this past year on the IL beater to buckeye. He was a new found fisherman with money. you know how them guys can be, just watch the lauch ramps!! :D I took him to the sporting good store to get him new rod/reel. He wanted to know what I had so I showed him. Got couple Stradics/St.Croix combos. Think about 200.00-250.00 In each outfit. Well he wanted somthing better, baught a sustain and All Star Rod. Keep in mind he has only fished a handfull of times. So he walks out with 500.00 less cash, and big ole smile on the face. We was driftn @ Buckeye and he would use my rod holders cause didnt want to mess up the cork, nor loosen his drag. Poor SOB got a hook up and guess what, in the drink was that rod and reel. Cried like a little girl, all i could do was laugh!!! :D :D :D :D

    Try ANDE line, stuff is amazing. I can pull my buddys 14' boat with it when we get snagged up @ Oshay. I have never had a fish break off. Only 1 down side, got to change the line about every 2 months cause it dont like twists!! Only place i can find it is Jans Net Craft up in TODELEDO
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  13. :D :D :D i've seen a few rods hit the water when the wipers are hittin' the liver and guys lay their rods down with them locked in or bail closed,haha.i'd hate to think how many outfits are on the bottom of that lake because of that.i've personally caught two,with fish still attached:D but 500 bucks?i ain't even gonna say nothin' but:rolleyes: :D :D :D
  14. Man, I need to start draggin' Buckeye for new combos and my Sahara and my Abu rigs. There must be tons of equipment in Buckeye. I lost one to a carp and the other just flew out of my rod holder as I was cruising the lake. There went a Fenwick and Abu...just like that! Of course the rod holder landed in the boat....
  15. don't feel bad

    i hooked one of mine on a backcast and tossed it 30 feet from the boat 2 years favorite and only shimano baitcat outfit:eek: :rolleyes: lost another to a cat last year,but after some time dragging a vibe around,i hooked and boated it.those vibes will catch ANYTHING:D :D :D ;)
  16. I was dragging treble hook rigs all over the place for that Sahara.....

    I think that is what I will do this season at Buckeye, troll for rods......Mark at Fisherman's told me one of his buddies found a Croix casting rod with a 6500 Abu......just laying on the about lucky!
  17. Wipers

    I cast for them in the river. You're going to lose a few getting their lips ripped. Happens with my spoons & 2/0 treble hooks. I know because often they are barely hooked & there's a big split ripped where the hook is. Drag pressure is important. Has to be tight enough to control the fish, but loose enough not to rip hooks. Same thing happens with the big catfish.
    Rick, try cutting up some of your old panty hose to hold your liver on. If you don't have any, I think Catking has some as he got new silk panty hose from Santa !
    I'm hoping to troll for them this year in the river. I plan to use some super shad raps and run a zig-zag pattern. For stripers in the lakes everywhere, it's standard to use a 4-5' leader on a 3 way or swivel with a big shad, 2-3 oz sinker and use your trolling motor. Also downriggers are awesome on them.
  18. I can see it now "Pantyroos" <- I got the patent on these Bad Boys:p