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Discussion in 'Questions about Ohio Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by johnc21, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. Hey guys,
    This topic went crazy on one of the huntamerica forum. I just wanted to know if anybody has any good ideas on preventing slobs from sneaking on to private property. We ran into some problems this year with guys playing dumb saying the thought they were on the neighbor. Called the game warden and he said he would check in to it and get back with us. Haven't heard from him since.

    Thanks for the input.

  2. :( We had the same trouble here on the farm. They said they that they were on the neiber. The property line fine didn't make a differce to them. They parked in the hay field across from the house. Tryed to hide there truck behind some brush in the fence line. They know were they were I have no dought & that made me mad & they know it. I haven't seen them sence. Though one naiber came to the house & ask if his son could get a deer he shot on them & ran on to us. I was so happy they ask. I let them get it. A very nice doe. We well let the naibers hunt if they ask. Some of are naibers hunt the farm. Mostly folks that live in a trailer count behind us. The people I run off own lots of propty of there own.:mad:

  3. No matter what you do, they are going to trespass. Unless you stand post all the time. Or get the phone numbers of all your neighbors around you and when you catch them on the property and they say where they where coming from call and check it out. If they lie just shoot them...just kidding... call the law then.;)
  4. I had a big deer walking towards a shooting lane when a guy came by on a 4 wheeler and scared it off. This was on private property and 1 of 4 people I've seen on our property, despite the fence that is around it.
  5. well aout the only thing you can do is report them or shoot them.One thing for sure written permission does nothing to prevent trespassing.I does keep lots of private land off limits because half the farmers will not give wriiten permission but will give you oral permission.Down with written
  6. I have seen these written permission slips the dnr puts out, what a joke...A busy farmer does not want to take the time to write a book just to let someone hunt or fish, I cant blame them.

    I have just always asked for oral permission, they either say yea or ney and let it go at that.
  7. dnr permission slips

    I have a notebook of these slips already filled out in my truck,
    I know the farmers are busy so I just introduce myself, ask for
    permission and if he agrees I ask him to sign one.
    I have only had 1 guy give me verbal permission but refused
    to sign. It was all worth it when the sheriff asked to see it
    one time.
  8. Kind of a twist on the topic but about 10 years ago my friend shot a deer on property he was allowed to hunt and it went onto land he didn't have permission. He went to the home owner and asked for permission to track it in their woods and they agreed. After he found it he was dragging it down their lane and there the home owners stood with the game warden. They said if they could have the deer they wouldn't press charges for tresspassing.

    Don't know all the details to story just what was told to me.

  9. Thats got to suck. People can be two faced that way! I guess if you do anything you got to get it in writing.:rolleyes:
  10. Hey Flat. I do the same thing. Pre-fill them out, and just take them to them to sign. All they have to do is put their signature on it. I always point out though that I have the date set for just the times I want to hunt. I also make out a second one with my information on it, and hand it to them. That way if there is any problem, they can contact me. Kind of a reassurance thing for them.
  11. good idea

    Tpet thats a good idea about giving the landowner your info.
    Thanks, I'm going to make some info slips today.
  12. Lance

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    The land I've been hunting is under constant assault from trespassers. When my father-in-laws group leased the land they ran some barbwire fences to keep the four wheelers out. This year they cut the fence so they reran it and through up a spike board under it. Last month someone came along and pulled up a fence post! There is ZERO respect down there. My dad also confronted someone Fri. who said they had permission to hunt all of the land we were on anytime except for gun season. When asked for his written permission he and the other three that were a short distance away left but just went down the hill and crossed the road to the other adjoining parcel that also belonged to who the same owner. There have been some very shady going's on in this area and dad was not about to talk to the four of them by himself. The DNR was around the last part of gun season but they need to be around a LOT more.
  13. Until the landowners are allowed to harvest trespassers it will be a problem.