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Tree stand names.

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by swanie, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. What are some of the names you all have given to your tree stands. I have my honey hole but the name of the stand is the spider stand. Named for the old oak that it's in. Branches going everywhere. Some of the branches are bigger then most trees. Killed a lot of deer out of it over the years.

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  2. most of mine are just named by location, SW corner is one of my favorites, middle stand, inside corner, cut through to name a few

  3. Kinda Lil bit of everything...water tower, there's an old busted water tank near by, black line- phone cable runs by it, and a few named after relatives who discovered theses places years ago and no longer hunt... And my favorite the puke stand... My ol lady puked out of it and we seen tons of deer, I've been sick in it on more than one occasion. But the deer just keep coming, my all time favorite stand. Seen most of the biggest bucks of my life out of it just it's so thick they slip by, a couple years back I heard what sounded like someone busting wood with an axe, walked over the crest of the hill and seen 2 easily 170 class bucks going at it, something I'll never forget

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  4. couple of mine are, pinch point stand, scrape row (death row) stand, lol , ridge top stand. thats a few of em lol
  5. Raccoon Stand.....

    While climbing up the ladder into my stand one morning in the dark, I heard some scrambling noise above me......imagine my surprise when I was doused on the head/shoulders with warm fresh coon urine!! That will wake you up in a hurry! From that day on, that stand has obviously been called the "Raccoon Stand".
  6. Haha nice, free cover scent, they was helping you out

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  7. The Heaven Stand, bc its so high.
    The Killin Tree, self explanatory.
    The Bee Hive, just past a tree with a lot of bees!
    Texas Blind, bc of the foliage around looks like TX.
    The Picnic Table, bc its not far from a random picnic table in the woods.
    And the Bath Tub... also, a random tub in the middle of the woods...
  8. My favorite however, is my best friends spot in SC.
    He calls it $*#T hill. Bc he had a hunt where he drew is bow back three times and hit a tree or missed every time. He blamed his "faulty release."
    Also, he had been tracking some big bucks, by SC standards, and then someone else in the club found a nice 12 point first.
  9. My favorate on my property is "The Meat" bc I and several others have taken about 10 deer out of it!
  10. Rock Point (On the top of a rocky ridge overlooking a power line)
    Lookout (you can look over the whole property from the stand)
    The Y (two ridges come together in a Y shape)
    Grandpa's Stand (he can't get in it anymore, but that's where he always hunted so it will forever be his stand)
  11. Nimrod

    Nimrod Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Skyscraper ( high in the tree overlooking a decent downhill grade on a ridge with lots of scrapes annually).

    Nude Beach... A private open area in the woods. Enuff said! :mischeif:

    Gasoline Alley While transporting the ladder & stand, I flipped the atv in a ditch very close to where we planned to hang the stand. The leaking gas prevented us from hunting that stand for a whole season.

    The Garden. More of an area. A very good location to "Harvest"

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  12. The Eagle's Nest..
    The stand is seriously nestled down in some cover.
    It really feels as though you are in a nest.
  13. Bawana

    Bawana Staff Member Mod

    Paradise Point point of ground covered up in crab apples and scrapes every where!
    Buck Hollow fits the name!
    Pear Tree located by a sugar pear tree, after the first hard frost the deer swarm to it!
  14. We have the Frankenstand that was built using pieces of an old ladderstand plus a my old ladder stand a tree fell on. It looks funky but it's stable.
  15. Need to se a pic of that stand

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  16. Killing field .
    Escape route
    Getaway trail
    747 ; big stand
    And on public we have plan A spots a1 a2 a3 and plan B b1 and b2

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  17. We have a bunch of stand names. We have used some locations for quite a while and have lost the original tree or identifying feature and moved on.

    Saddle - A ridge area between two draws
    Racetrack - right in the middle of a circular jeep trail
    Toilet Seat - The seat was the lid of an wooden toilet seat
    Snipers Nest - Built into a hillside and you can really surprise them.
    Ewok - When the Oil Company was in it was full of gear like the Star Wars Ewoks
    Hogwarts - A mass of impenetrable (at least to humans) thorns and brush
    Amish Edge - Stand on the property line that borders an Amish Farm
    Lower Toilet - new stand after original was long gone
    Son of Sofa - A new stand, in the location of the "sofa" stand

    I'm sure people think we're crazy when they hear us talking.