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Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by dm32, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Who all on here traps and in what counties?

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  2. I trap in scioto, lawrence and jackson counties.


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  3. Looking to start my first season this year. I will most likely be in Miami County.
  4. Central Ohio

    I trap mainly in Franklin co. but do have a small line in Fairfield Co. as well
  5. I started trapping last year. I plan on hitting it a little harder this year. Washington and Meigs counties.
  6. I do in stark & carroll counties
  7. im in sandusky and ottawa
  8. Hocking County,I'm ready to run some lines!

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    You guys need to post some of your pictures running your trapline- if would be good to see them!!!
  10. Anyone trap in Noble or would want to meet up and help me trap my farm for yotes? I trap coons fine, but I have 0 experience with yotes, and Ill take advice on coons too haha.
  11. Here are a couple pictures from '81-'82ish, back in the day when furs brought premium prices. The best years income was probably around $1200 in our pocket
    which correlated to around $1500 in gas money out of my parents pocket from driving their Chevy Suburban around the county checking traps. :whistle: :yikes:Thanks Ma & Pa! :)

    My latest stint in trapping was last year. I was seeing a blond coon and decided that I would like to catch him. After purchasing a couple live box traps I tried to catch him. I caught every other coon in the area, but never him. My grandson was a big help and enjoyed seeing the coons in the traps. Of course, we let them go. I didn't have it in me to shoot them and my grandson was only four at the time.
    I may let someone come out and trap some of them later in season...? Enjoy! Hopefully this will get the pictures rolling in...
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  12. Mercer and Auglaize counties for me.
  13. I trap 'rats, 'coon, fox, and coyote,(also skunik and 'possum when they get into my canine sets), in Lucas County.
  14. I am in portage. Mostly go after coon and a little beaver. I just started about two years ago so any advice would be helpfully. Thanks

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  15. Warren, butler, preble, Montgomery
    Coon, fox, coyote, in that order. Good luck everyone

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  16. Fairfield County

    Coon, Mink, Rats, occasional Yote, and a few beaver when I find some

  17. Preble, Montgomery. Butler, Hamilton, Hocking, Clark, Greene.... Pretty much everything SW Ohio has seen me one time or another...