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Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Ðe§perado™, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. All you trappers out there...How is the season going? How is the fur market going on furs? What's your largest animal caught?...What's your best set? I wasn't able to get out there and trap this year , but love to hear about what everyone is doing.

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    I was looking at Fur Fish and Game last week and saw where they were talking in the 30's for reds and rat's possably seeing the $4 range again. Is this true for Ohio? it's not the glory days but it sure would be an improvement!

  3. I seen that in my Trapper mag. and was just wanting to see if the dealers are really paying the prices listed.
  4. I havn't trapped seens I was a boy. If I can get something for the hide I mite just get back in to it. Lots of coons & possums here on the farm. I would trap them if I could do somthing with the hides. You can only tack so many to the wall. It would be great to trap again. :)
  5. I hear that from all the trappers that are only out there for the money. I do it because i love to do it. Getting a little money for it is good, and pays for the gas. But I'm not driven to trap to get rich and when the prices drop, just throw the traps in the barn.
  6. Im getting ready to put out 22 sets tuesday,since Im off untill jan. 8.Im hoping to get some reds.Iv got 10 coon,a few possum,and 1 skunk so far.This is only my second year,so Im not much for marketing fur just yet,although I would like to find someone to buy the coon.:D :D
  7. Like alot of your I hadn`t trapped in years untill the 2 years ago. I had some beaver move into our creek and floud about 10 acures of my best ground. I trapped all of them, 3, I could not believe that 3 beaver could do so much damage. This year beaver showed up on the farm just down streem to the one I was raised on so I guess I`m going to trap again this year. I haven`t trapped for rats or coon since they were not causeing any problems and their hides weren`t worth going after, but I might even set for afew rats this year, just for old time sake. There no where near the rats around here that there was years ago and I just hate to kill them and pay money to do it.
  8. I haven't trapped in about 4 years. I'm going to build me a building next year and going to start back into trapping full time.