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Trapline reports & pics!?!

Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by wildohio22, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. a local farmer shot that red fox a coupe days ago while it was trying to get in his chickens. he busted it with a shotgun and did not want it to go to waste. it took him 2 days to find someone (me) that could take care of it for him. it was pretty green bellied but i think it will dry out ok.
  2. Anyone know what average prices are for "green" raccoons and muskrats this season?

  3. Has anyone on here ever caught a fish in a muskrat trap? Cause I caught a 16" yellow bullhead catfish in a 110 coinbear today. The fish lived and swam off fine. I laughed till I almost cried
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  4. I have caught crappie and bass in 110 and they all lived
  5. Can anyone inform us on rough prices?
  6. i ve heard $5 and down for coon, and less for rats
  7. I'm going to run some fox and coyote traps starting next week. I didn't even try for coon or rats this year. I figure I will let em grow up nice and fat so at least it will pay for my gas.
  8. Called my fur guy today. $5 max for coons. $7 max for coyote and red fox as Well.
  10. Most buyers are sorting threw your coon and rats and only selectively buying the biggest, best quality fur. They will not buy smaller or lower grade pelts. Out of a lot of 100 coon they may buy between 5-20 pelts!
  11. Get a set of tongs. Release those smaller coon.
  12. yes release them little guys. i have kept around 90 of the 150ish i have caught this year. of the 90ish less then 10 are 2x. everything else is bigger.
  13. Anybody sell fur yet?
  14. fur sales results from the january 16 th fur auction held at bucyrus are posted on the OSTA web site .

    prices were better than expected but nothing like they were 3 years ago and before.

    next fur sale will be february 13th. at jeffersonville.
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  15. slow getting them put away but still another very good year for me.

  16. very nice bunch of furs!
  17. lots of days like this so far this season.
  18. rough start to the ohio beaver season so far but did manage one good day.
  19. Well the season is over. Most furs shipped. Another record breaking year for me on the mink line. 105 total.