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Trailing Dogs

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by brock ratcliff, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. Does anyone no the reasoning behind trailing dogs being illegal for tracking wounded deer? Seems to me it would be very beneficial for sportsmen and the deer herd to be able to use dogs to find game that would otherwise be lost. It has been my experience over many years of bowhunting deer, that not all well hit deer leave alot of sign to follow with human senses. There have been many times I would have liked to been able to rely on the nose of a well trained dog.
  2. I wish we could but it looks like never :(
    One reason NOT is because dogs do not know fence lines and would then be doing exactly what the farmers do not want and thats leading hunters into areas they have no permission to be :rolleyes:

  3. I believe it's because people use dogs for drives and the no boundries thing. ;) :D
  4. Thanks for your thoughts. I hope the DNR has a better reason than that. I cant figure out why we cant use dogs to find deer that would be lost. It makes no sense to me. It cant be due to property lines, afterall, we use dogs for rabbits, coon, why not wounded deer. I dont think we need to use dogs to drive deer, and I dont suggest we legalize it here, however, losing deer that could be found by a dog does not make sense.
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