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Trail Cam Pic! Monster! What do u have on your camera?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by lsheets22, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Oh my I hope to run an arrow threw this bad boy this year! so pumped about the season!! If you got some pictures from your camera love looking at sweet pictures!

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  2. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    That would be a MONSTER!:thumbs_up:

    Any info?
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  3. Sweet baby Jesus ! :eek:
  4. Doubtful.

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  5. Nice picture just had to out due mine :p nice picture!

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  6. No photoshop, just a massive buck!

  7. LOL! You asked what I had on my camera!!

  8. Hot dog....check out that
  9. deer itself looks malnourished compared to the rack.
  10. You would lose weight if you had to run around with that thing on your head....LOL
  11. OMG that thing is huge!! Good luck to both of you this year. Here are mine

    This is my number 1 ImageUploadedByTapatalk1346361227.765776.jpg

    This is number 2

    This is number 3

    And this is number 4
  12. MountNMan, after you kill that monstrosity of a buck, I'd like to wear
    the rack on my head for awhile. Maybe then I'll shed a few pounds!! Lol. :D
    Enjoy hunting him!!
  13. If that don't get you pumped, nothing will.

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  14. That caliber of deer would drive me insane thinking of it. Good luck with ur insanity.
  15. Wow what a buck. Let's hope you get an arrow in him.

    How large of a chunk of land is this deer living on?

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  17. our top 8pt

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