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Top tactics for ice 'eyes revealed

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by Erie, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. Ray, got a question for ya. How much of the info. on that link apply to the saugeye at Indian Lake. I know they are similar fishes and are dif. at the same time. I have allways been curious to the ideas of how one technique applys to the other. In other words, do techniques apply to both species.


  2. bill_gfish ...

    There's overlap between the 2 for sure & that has been beat on alot in the past.

    My main interest in Eye reports, I-Stories & I-Info is that I look at everything (even in life) with a big "WHY" ?? I really do go into fish mode when I get on the ~~~~~ because this info & stuff has gelled into my fish mode section upstairs & I just keep addin' to it ~~ my Luv for info ..

    My thinker doesn't work along the track of what applies or works here & etc .. I guess I just dump info in so I can look at it from the fishes side of the fence & think "How's he gonna try to catch me today"

    I'm Nuts ~~ enough!!:)
  3. PS ...

    I see a great bunch of young Bassers & I-Guys in their 20s & early 30s that are not the traditional followers, but have creative minds & are Do-ers ~ That's what makes my Day & I luv the stuff they come up with .. it's all in the Chase & matchin' Wits !!!:eek:

    Hang a Hog :)
  4. bill_gfish ... "my Why"

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  5. Ray

    Sounds a little "fishy" to me !!!:D
    I would like to get one of those underwater cameras too. I'd like to watch them. :)
  6. Sounds a little "fishy" to me !!!

    The On-Goin' Question ... What makes them Tic ?? I guess if we had the total answer & it got out to the Guys with a Fish Tooth ~ Dar be no more fishes:( :rolleyes: :p