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Took a walk today

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by gonefishin, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Went down to the public land I hunt for a quick scouting walk. I normally rely on my scouting from the months of March and April and dont go back in the woods untill opening day. It's a good thing I did. There are so many trees down, tops snapped off. Had to change my route several times. If I would have waited for opening day I would have never made it to that location before sun-rise. I would have been very upset. lol

    Some things I noticed was acorns were few and very small some trees had none at all. I did walk around a few ponds to see if I would find some dead deer from EHD and found none at all. The small streams that run through there are mostly dry but a few holes.

    The highlite of the day was the shed I found. To my surprise no chew marks at on it. It's not big at all but it did have 6 points. For such a small rack it has some cool junk around the base. I wouldn't mind seeing this guy this fall ​
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  2. dang we've found nice big acorns everywhere we went...there was a few trees and limbs laying around including one great big one in our camp area...:yikes:

  3. I was out today too, just checking some trail cams up the road. With all those trees that came down, or their tops during the summer, I can't help but think about that being a ground hunter's paradise .... natural ground blinds ;)
  4. That area had 6 white oaks about 100 yds from where I set up. All six laying on the ground.

    My thought also great natural blinds.