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Too Drunk to Fish

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by getinjiggy, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. Ok just wondering How many have been? Be honest! Glenn
  2. When I was younger and fished on the banks of the Ohio river, where the Scioto river goes into it. Casting was different with no balance...LOL... Then just passed out and woke up with one of my rods gone:( , but a learning from it was a good thing. If you drink and fish , put a big rock on the rod handle while your fishing the fish won't pull them in.;)

  3. I can honestly say I have never been drunk while fishing. I don't drink much anymore and when I drank alot I wasn't into fishing just drinking and partying. Fishing is too important to be drunk, now I might in the future sip a couple but prob. wouldn't get drunk.

  4. to drunk to fish??????...... what that sounds like is that your not coorindated enought to do both lol. if i ever get to drunk to fish ......oh brother look out lol

  5. Hey Glenn, I just noticed you didn't reply to your own question. What's up with that.

  6. Nope never have been. In fact I haven't been intoxicated in 16 years.:D
  7. Well Bill Ive been sober for 21/2 months now and I feel great! I just remember the stupid **** I did while doing both! LOL
  8. I was gonna mention that in the last post and congrat ya but I figured it wasn't my place to tell your story so congrats. It must feel nice to be controlling your alcohol instead of it controlling you.

  9. Many many years ago I fished drunk, have not drank in over 15 years, other than a stray beer now and then.
  10. I drink and I fish. I have never done both at the same time though. For some reason, to me, they don't mix.

    I'm liking the new av. ;)
  11. I was once. I passed out before I could wet my line. Embarrassing, to say the least. :(

    That was about 20 yrs ago. I don't even drink now. :p
  12. Not me

    I used to have to drive because I wa too drunk to sing........:(
    But those days ended July 28th, 1976 when I had my 1st sober day. Not had a drink since.:cool:
    Started fishing seriously about 10 years ago & this year I've exibited addictive behavior buying tackle, boat, etc !!!
    My name is Jim....I'm a fishaholic !!;) :D :D :D
  13. Only once. I can't remember what happened except for the fact that one minute I was reeling my line in and the next I was handing a really big catfish to a nice Mexican man.

    That was many moons ago.