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titanium leaders

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by redneck66, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. I have a gift certificate for kames and im kinda wondering if i should use it to make the switch to titanium leaders or not. Me and my dad have been using steel leaders for years and it is a pain in the butt but i have to admit that we've only had one break and that was when I snagged a grandma lure trolling by myself and i had lent my lure retriever to a buddy so i didnt have it and the leader broke before my 60# whiplash. I know its a pain to have to deal with kinks in the steel leaders though. What do ya think should i make the swith to titanium this year or just stalk up on some lures?
  2. I say give them a try. Not going to cost you anything.;)

  3. Hey Ben...

    Trolling for muskie--I'd recommend using a leader made out of 40lbs. test or better monofilament! It will run your lures better than a steel/titanium leader. Just as tough!
  4. I've thought about just using heavier mono but havent really given it a try. The big plus with using a leader is easy lure change but then agiain i suppose you could just tie a swivle on the end of the mono.
  5. Definately.....

    You'll wanna use a swivel/snap with the mono. If not your line will TWIST. Good luck with whatever you decide!
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