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Tips and pointers please

Discussion in 'Whitetail Deer Habitat' started by Gnagy, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. I havent had much luck getting the bucks to my cameras last month or longer. I been putting out corn, blocks, deer caine, apples, and some power minerals. I get nothing but a doe and her fawn, and some coons. I am going out thinking putting out another corn feeder and more corn. But my question is there something else i should get that I can get at TSC or Dunhams? Dont have long till we start shooting.
  2. Are you going to the camera site scent free and spraying your camera down with some kind of scent eliminator? Also could be the deer are on another preferred food source off of your property try moving the cam to other food sources suck as acorns or soy beans.

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  3. peanut butter worked very well for me. smeared it around the trophy rock. brought them to it and once they found it they were hooked.
  4. I'll second the peanutbutter but also look at Cmere deers corn coat its a powder u mix in with Ur corn idk I mite try it. But I've taken acorn rage and the sugarbeat crush and mixed them in my feeder with my corn

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  5. If your getting a lot of does. You might have to do some doe clean up this year. I had that problem last few years. After two years of clean up on the does this year got a more bucks running around.

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  6. That's what I did year befor last and last year I had a bunch of bucks this year its kinda even or more twards the more doe side agin looks like I need to fill the freezer

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  7. I'll put the peanut butter up about a week or so before season starts. Peanut butter attracted 11 coons to my corn feeder and the coons wiped out my corn last month. Today i swapped the cards out of both cameras put out acorn rage and acorn buck jam at both cameras and restocked with apples. still had corn in the feeder. I am seeing chewed up acorns so thats whats they gotta be eating. I'm not seeing much buck tracks like I was in the spring hardly at all. I did spray scent free on me and my shoes before entering and sprayed the cameras. This time I will check the cameras and feed in 2 weeks. Hope the buck jam will keep them coming. With season coming I might but one more bushel of corn to put out next time I go out but instead of feeders just dump it on the ground in the camera areas and maybe in a few other spots. Pull the feeders out then and then day before opening day pull out the licking blocks lightly sprinkle come corn out.
  8. Why take the feeders out I run mine with corn I put the acorn rage in with the corn like #50 then 1/4 of bag of the rage then 1/4 after each #50 I set my feeders for 2 times a day for 4 sec in the am an 5 in the pm

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  9. Public land. I havent been lucky enough to find a private spot yet.
  10. I c ya its not legal to bait on public land!!!!

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  11. Isn't that still baiting?
    Isn't a site considered baited 15 days after removal of all bait?
    I really don't care if you bait or not or if you even do it on public land, but you should watch what your posting on a public forum.

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  12. Yeah I think it should be legal! Damn laws... The good old days where there was no laws... I understand regulating animals but if a familys gotta eat you should go out and kill your dinner esp for the people whos struggling. Now we have steroid pumped up cows, chickens, and even turkeys...
  13. I belive the reg book says 10 days after removal of all bait but its not legal to bait on public land at all

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  14. if so I have no problem removing it... I will check it out. Thanks!

    A Hunter CAN do the following:

    5. Hunt deer over bait except on public land.

    yes its public but bait will be gone by opening day. but doesnt give a time frame when bait needs to be removed. Maybe its diff in the book its self? IDK been years since Ive had my hunting license.
  16. Idk I just see Wht u put and in the turkey section it says considered baited 10 days after. And on page 43 is says no salt grain or other feed that can attract wild birds on public lands. Grey area's and confusion like I said idk but if I where u is either call.them or give the baited area the 10 day befor season treatment

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  17. I see that in a book now. I will pull the feeders out soon. Its a distance from me and then work schedule.
  18. Good call we all make mistakes dont sweat the small stuff... Good luck this season an Wht county r u hunting

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