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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. I think I read it in the Insider. Do you guys fish with any rods that have a roller tip? I used to have some heavy salt reels with roller tips and I noticed a small difference while fighting the fish.

    If I get the Croix that I want for 6500 cat reels, do you guys know if they would install roller tips or do you know anyone that can do it so that it looks factory?
  2. I have been checking in to them also, seems like the way to go for flathead rods...I would love to have them on my big cat rods..I have worn groves in the tip of one of them and cant use it because it frays line very bad.

  3. I didn't even think about putting them on my big cats......thanks for the idea!
  4. Ryan

    Call Matt at Fishermans, the guy they use to fix peoples rods will replace a rod tip guide with any one you want!
  5. I thought about that, but I don't think they use him anymore because he was so slow. Unless they have another guy now?
  6. I dont know where you are located, but i think the Old Dutchman in Columbus would do that for you!
  7. I know Judy fixes reels ,but didn't know they fix rods.
  8. Is the Old Dutchman up by Hoover? I have never been there....
  9. Do it yourself

    I don't know about roller tips, but I replace the tips all the time on my rods.
    It's easy to do. You need a tip, glue, pliers, gloves, a candle in a holder. Ist remove the reel from the rod to make it easy to handle the rod.
    I use that amber colored hot glue for archery heads. I have a candle in a holder, then heat the old tip, remove it with pliers, heat the glue over the candle, rub some on the rod blank then heat & put the new tip on. Then I take it off again, put more glue on, that way I'm sure I have it securely glued. Line it up-wearing gloves or using pliers. Let it cool and harden. All my St Croix surf rods have to be reglued as the tips always come loose after throwing the heavy weights. Also had a few accidents hitting the door frames or rocks cracking the inserts. It's a good idea to carry a spare tip in your box or vehicle for an emergency too.;)
  10. Thanks Jim, I may do that. I didn't know if there was much or any difference in putting a roller on.
  11. just make sure

    you order the right I/S dia. roller tip that will match perfectly with your rod tips O/S dia.

    I have replaced a few in m my day to on my quality rods...i use 2-part epoxy to put the new ones on.and i use a liquid debonder to remove the glue fromthe old tip.
    I also will put a drinking straw through the new eyelet and the other remaining ones to kep it stright while the epoxy sets up over night.
    I have also used the epoxy to go over some of the tips of my rods i throw heavy baits with..or my distance rods that get punished a lot before the tips loosen.
  12. FM......don't B.S. don't have any quality rods!:eek: :D

    That straw idea is pretty cool, I'll have to keep that in mind.

    Thanks again..........I meant to ask you, what kind of up grades do you use on you 33's? LMAO:p

    Just givin' you some sh.t:cool:
  13. Your lucky

    I know you!!!;) :cool:

    "I meant to ask you, what kind of up grades do you use on you 33's? LMAO"
    Upgrade Zebco 33's..yes there are a lot of upgrades..heres what you do....take that 33 over to the garbage compactor and throw it in there, then go buy ya a REAL cat reel like a Calcutta 700TE...
    :eek: ;) :D :cool:
  14. I recommend hot glue

    Get the archery tip cement. I used to use 2 part epoxy. Here's the difference to consider, then use what you want. One, I called St Croix and that's what they told me to use, hot glue, because the 2 part epoxy takes too long to set & you can get it out of line easy, then you have to "break it loose" and start all over. The glue they supplied me with had the same problem I was trying to correct, it just doesn't hold under severe pressure. so I went to the archery cement. I can't recall it ever coming loose. I just had to reglue a tip on a new musky rod, the big weights will cause them to spin loose. Now here's the REAL advantage to hot cement. If the tip does come loose, there's enough glue in there to take a lighter or candle & heat it up & reset it. Here's some advice on that, if your tip is wet, heat it until all the water boils out. Also if you crack a tip, you just have to heat it to remove the old, add some new glue, slip on the new tip.
    When your epoxy comes loose, you have to clean it all off the tip, off the rod, mix it , wait for it to set. Most likely it will ruin a day of fishing because you won't be using that rod for some time, most epoxies take 24 hours to really cure properly. Also if you crack your tip top, now you are starting with a epoxy bond you have to break loose. Hope you don't splinter your rod tip, I have....
    Now if you don't mind taking several rods for back up, it won't be a problem. I like to trust my equiptment & the repairs I do to them, I trust the glue. I used epoxy for years, never again.
    Now, if you don't mind going thru all that, by all means use it.
    Archery tip cement holds arrow tips on at high speed impact & pulling them out of targets. It's made for that tough bonding, epoxy is great for filling in around guides, etc. Some rods have rough spots, good for the grips too.
  15. good points Jim

    I should have said for repair work ON THE SPOT..the technique Jim said is best...
    If you are replacing tips at home to upgrade them or replace them..use the two-part epoxy...if you buy a debonder breaks down glues and epoxys and all you have to do to remove a tip is soak it for a few mins...thats it.
    Yea the epoxy does take time to set up..thats why the drinking straw comes in handy.The ep[oxy will last 10 times longer and take more abuse.
    I have only cracked a few ceranics in my i dont really worry about replacing them in the feild..most of the time i have other rods with me to
  16. You would think that with all the problem Croix has with tips coming off they would find a way to fix it. At Gander, croix's on the shelf had loose tips, let alone the customers that would bring them back.
  17. Fish the rocks

    Sooner or later, might be once every 2 years, but on a break off on a hard cast when the lure flys off & you can't stop the rod, or the wind knocks it over during a break- tips get cracked. I keep back up rods within walking distance too ;)
    I asked the service dept at St Croix when my first tip had to be replaced, they told me DON'T use 2 part epoxy. :) Those guys have it rigged, you can't get the right tip anywhere but from them. I tried Jann's & they even sell the blanks, but it's a 10-12 or a 12-10 size- it's the size Jann's doesn't carry :( I always get it confused- 12 ring & #10 shaft ? I just get 3 at a time from them;)
  18. BB

    Yes, it would certainly seem like they would- that archery glue isn't expensive & for what they get for the rods, you'd think they'd get the tips on secure ! They sent me glue with their tips, but it's not good for them. You put this stuff ( click here) on them & you won't have any more problems. Every tip I every had a problem with was after I was in the field, never had them come loose when sitting in the house.
  19. If anyone is interested in some roller tips for their big rigs, check out Capt. Harry's online. They have a good selection of Aftco tips. Their catalog has a good guide to help you get the right size.
  20. I might have to try that

    I'm not crazy about the metal tips on those Big Cat rods & already switched to almost all St Croix rods. Next trip to BPS & I'll switch it out too. I would like to see how they work just the same & I have some big IR Quantums I might match with the BC rods with heavier line.